Countdown to Disney

DSCN0946Spring Quarter started last week, so we are in the second week now. So far it’s not going terribly. It’s kind of neutral.

However, I am already ready for summer! I’m going to be applying for a different job on campus that will give me more hours so we can save up for the big move after graduation and also the road trip to Disneyland we’re taking for the fall Dapper Day in September and to become a little bit more familiar with the area. So all I can think about right now is going to Disneyland. I can hardly believe I’m going to live near it in 9 months.

Needless to say, I am terrified. It’s a huge change, and the last time I made a move that big I was still an only child and my parents did everything.

But it is still 9 months away. Right now I just need to plan for Dapper Day!

Sorry this post is kind of pointless. My opening work schedule plus classes plus meds that make me exhausted all the time is kind of a terrible combination. Thank goodness for the backspace button because I can barely type right now. Maybe it’s time for bed.

I think I write a post like this once a year. Here is the trip report I wrote on my old blog. I am just really excited to go because it is the ultimate escape from the world, and I definitely need one to be able to power through my final quarter of college in the fall. I’m also looking forward to taking a trip with just my husband. Going with my mom and brother was nice, but it made me realize how much of myself I sacrificed. More on that later…

Have you ever been to Disneyland? What is your favorite ride?



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