Week #13 of 2015: Spring Break

March 22


Sunday I got to go shopping. I bought more work out clothes, and I can’t decide if you can have too much or never have too much work out clothes. I bought a couple of shirts I can wear when I’m not working out because I need to stop living in my work out clothes. I love this top because the off the shoulder thing frames the Sailor Moon silhouette part of my tattoo perfectly.

March 23


Monday we went out for lunch. We did a lot of eating out on break. It was nice to get a break from cooking and stuff, but I’m glad to be back home.

March 24


Tuesday was my longest run for the week.

March 25


Okay, so I just remembered that this was actually from Tuesday, but I didn’t take any pictures on Wednesday. I went out to lunch and went bowling with two of my friends who actually were both my maid of honor at my wedding. I meant to take pictures but I was having so much fun sucking at bowling that I forgot.

March 26


On Thursday we went to brunch with my best friend and then the Actor and I went out to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner because who doesn’t love that place? We got seated next to the elephants which ended up being broken but I didn’t mind. I think I would have gotten annoyed with the elephants going off every 15 minutes. We of course split a volcano because you can’t go to Rainforest Cafe without getting one.

March 27


On Friday we drove home. We were greeted by 30 mph winds and a lot of flat brown nothingness. But we started talking about our big move after graduation which is now only 2 quarters away. 9 months.

March 28


I got to make my own breakfast again that wasn’t just a banana with some peanut butter. We stay with my in-laws when we go to where we grew up and they have all kind of packaged foods so I ate lots of bananas and clementines when I had to eat there. I was very excited to make banana soft serve/nicecream (same thing, like 3 different names for it) for breakfast. It was the perfect consistency and delicious. Then we went to the gym and I ran 3.5 miles on the track. No outside run cause it was still ridiculously windy. But it was nice to be back. I pretty much live in that gym.

How was your week?

Spring break is now over. Tomorrow morning I have to get up at 6 am to start my new shift at work, but I don’t think classes start until Tuesday.


3 thoughts on “Week #13 of 2015: Spring Break

  1. Ellie says:

    I couldn’t believe the complexity inside the Rainforest Café. There was a thunderstorm every 20 minutes. It was a cute place! I’m currently eating banana soft serve right now! It’s super good and satisfying as the weather heats up 🙂

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