Thinking Out Loud #11

Thursdays are for thinking out loud!


1. I have all of my grades for Winter Quarter. All A’s and I now have a 3.48 GPA. SO close to a 3.5. It’s frustrating how easy it is to drop your GPA but so difficult to raise it. I’m hoping by the time I graduate I’ll have a 3.5. Those 2 C’s I got freshman year just keep dragging me down.

2. I spent this break doing a lot of active things, like running my longest run to date on Tuesday and finally choreographing enough songs to hit a 45 minute playlist so now I have a suitable length playlist ready for whenever I am ready to teach Zumba.

3. I did some Pop Pilates this week, which is what got me into fitness. Cassey Ho’s bubbly personality and her killer workouts helped me when I was in recovery and essentially lead me to the decision to become a fitness instructor myself. It was really nice to get back into doing some of my old stuff. I even created a schedule for next quarter so I get to do her videos more than I have in the past.

4. IMG_1221 IMG_1222

I went for a quick run this morning cause I’m getting brunch with my best friend soon. It was sunny and damp and beautiful. I’m really going to miss running here.

5. Our Spring Break is almost over. I hate that it’s only a week long. I wish we were like other countries that gets longer breaks more frequently instead of the crazy 3 month break for summer. We don’t farm anymore. We don’t need that break. I’d gladly settle for a month break every now and then rather than 3 all at once. I get bored about halfway through summer and get excited for school again.

6. Speaking of school I only have 2 quarters left before I graduate. I can’t believe I’m already almost done with college. I had lunch with some friends yesterday and we were talking about grad school and finding real jobs and it’s just crazy how time has gone by. I met them in middle school when we were 12, so almost 10 years ago. Time really flies.

7. clean eating challengeI am hosting a 30 day clean eating challenge starting April 1st on my tumblr which is written in the image and if you click on the image it should take you there. All of the details are on my tumblr if you are interested in joining. I’ve definitely gotten better at clean eating but need a little extra push.

I think I’m going to stop here because I am hungry and need to get some brunch! Have a fantastic Thursday/Friday!


7 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #11

  1. Ellie says:

    I lived and worked on my father’s farm growing up and always wished we had school so I wouldn’t have to work =P Now that I’m out of school, I enjoy the summer (and winter) breaks when the college kids are home. Less jay-walking, parties keeping me awake and all us townies are less stressed. It’s great! Way to go for your longest run this month!! That’s awesome!

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