Smells Like Home

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I went on another great run this morning. I think running is becoming my new love. On top of everything else I already love to do. I love to do too many things if that’s even possible.

I’m back in my hometown for Spring Break, so I ran around my in-law’s neighborhood cause we’re staying with them. It was very damp and cloudy and cold, but I was surrounded by greens and browns. I even saw some squirrels which I’m fairly certain we don’t have in my college town. At least, I’ve never seen any. It’s the little things you miss most.

I ended up doing the same loop several times to hit the mileage I wanted, so I got to notice different things each time. Mostly, though, I noticed the smell. The smell of salt water in the air, of damp earth and trees, of new sticky sweet spring blossoms giving way to refreshing new leaves. I moved around the country a lot until I was about 6 and then we settled in the Seattle area of Washington. I grew up here. The smell in the air made me remember taking walks, and going to playgrounds with friends and my little brother. I remembered going to swimming lessons and afterwards getting a bag of mini Nutter Butters from the vending machine before we went home.

The trees and houses I ran by only were significant because I’ve been seeing them ever since I started dating the Actor, but the smell was much more universal.

I love humidity. I love the dampness of the air and the way it makes it smell.

I had a very good run. It was my longest and fastest to date, but it also made me remember a lot of good things about my past. It couldn’t have gone any better.


2 thoughts on “Smells Like Home

  1. Ellie says:

    I love the way the Spring smells. It’s a new clean smell that means everything has new life and we are allowed to start again. We have permission to be happy and enjoy ourselves again! It’s my favorite time of year ❤

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