Finals Craziness

I just finished the last week of winter quarter classes. I also turned in two finals. I have one left that was due on Tuesday but the professor just extended it to Friday because apparently the entire department has all their finals on Tuesday.

I have been so busy with Zumba training, work, and final projects that I completely forgot about Thinking Out Loud until yesterday! I probably wouldn’t have had anything interesting to say, anyway, because I’ve just been trying to do one thing after another.

I’m also (tmi alert) having the worst PMS of my life. It seems my body is still getting used to my IUD, considering it’s been almost a year and I’ve only had 2 periods. I was nauseous all day yesterday, which is not uncommon if you didn’t know, especially if you get bad cramps, which I do. Today I’m dizzy and a little cramp-y. It’s fantastic. I’ve decided if some crazy thing ever possesses me to have children I’m probably just going to die because if pregnancy doesn’t kill me childbirth definitely will. (end tmi)

So since I only have 1 final left that isn’t due for another week now. I can finally relax. I’ve made it through another quarter. I only have 2 left. I’m about to go on the last spring break of my life. I’m probably gonna spend it eating, sleeping, choreographing, and running.

I promise I’ll get into a more regular schedule of blogging after this quarter is over. I’ve got a week left of work for finals week and then spring break. I need this. I’m just completely exhausted from this quarter. College needs to be done now.


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