Just Rest

Yesterday was kind of a terrible day for me. I had a really bad experience in my only class of the day, went to work which got bombarded by high school students on top of our normal college student lunch rush, my coworker was having a bad day, my best friend was dealing with some drama, and it was just a mess. I felt an anxiety attack coming on when our second cashier left me in the middle of a rush (that’s when he gets off and so I’m left to deal with the rush alone for a while before the next person comes in) and everything just kind of crashed on top of me. But, the Actor suggested we go out for a date night once we were done with our day. I agreed. We’ve needed one anyway, and it was definitely the day for it.

We were going to go to the Olive Garden in a town about 40 minutes away. There is nothing exciting in our college town. It’s ridiculously tiny and they won’t let many franchises open up here. Anyway, so I knew I was going to be eating a lot of fat and carbs, and I didn’t have anything better to do until I was going to be officially done with my day so I went to the gym for 3 hours. I walked a mile, did my normal back and biceps lifting workout, and then thought, why not, I’ll go to Total Strength before Zumba! I ended up in the gym a total of 3 hours and I hadn’t eaten anything since about 8am. It was 6 by the time I left.


Sandbag snatch injury. It’s calmed down today to just a line of purple polka dots.


There were a couple of times thought I was going to pass out. My stomach started audibly growling by the beginning of Zumba. I bought a protein shake on my way out of the gym and then we headed off to Yakima.

I look like a Tim Burton character

I look like a Tim Burton character 

It was a nice date night. We needed it. We were both ravenous by the time we got there and ate until we were too bloated to move. It was delicious.

We're adorable. I'm exhausted. Yes that's Target. We're very deprived of civilization.

We’re adorable. I’m exhausted. Yes that’s Target. We’re very deprived of civilization.

After doing Zumba 6 days straight on top of my normal lifting and running workouts I’ve decided that I deserve a rest day. Which is weird.

I do a big fitness no-no and rarely ever take rest days. I don’t know how to handle rest days. How do you not work out? I definitely need today, but it was really weird to walk home after work and volunteering without going to the gym first. I still feel like I need to put on some shorts and a sports bra and go for a run, but just the thought makes my legs cry. They deserve a rest. They need a rest. Rest days are important. I need to remember that.


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