Thinking Out Loud #9

Thursdays are for thinking out loud!


1. Since it is eating disorder awareness week I thought I would post this picture:


I posted it on my tumblr a few days ago. I was about 30 pounds under my highest weight/where the doctors wanted me when I entered recovery in that picture on the left. I can’t believe that was 5 years ago already. Time goes by so fast. The picture on the right was taken just before my Zumba audition last week. Who would have thought that sickly little girl would grow up to be Zumba certified, lifting, eating healthy, and possibly about to begin training for a half marathon.

2. Yeah, I’m considering it. I don’t know of any actual half marathons in the area coming up any time soon. I just want to be able to say I can run that much. And I’d like to one day run the Disney half marathons. Because I’m a Disney kid at heart.

3. How awesome is it that Big Hero 6 won the Oscar? If you haven’t seen that movie yet you need to. It came out on DVD and Blu-ray earlier this week, so you can probably get it from red box or rent it on amazon. It’s totally worth the few dollars. I saw that movie twice in theaters. I even Disneybounded the first time I saw it as Gogo.


4. “Woman up” is one of my new favorite sayings. I’m sad Gogo didn’t become more popular. Yeah, Honey Lemon is cute, but Gogo is badass.

5. Agent Carter ended on Tuesday. I honestly think I might explode if they don’t renew it. It such a well written show, and the acting and costumes and music and cinematography and just everything is so good. I’m sad the show is over and I have to wait a year, or possibly forever, for the second season, but it ending does mean that Agents of SHIELD is coming back. It starts right back up next week, so I don’t have to suffer in between.

6. I’m such a nerd.

7. But when I’m not being a nerd I’m in the gym or practicing yoga! I’ve gotten a lot better at keeping up my home practice this week. I think it’s because I have poses I want to work on so I’m more motivated. I feel awesome after doing yoga, but I’m so goal oriented I need more than that to get me up.

8. The quarter is starting to both speed up and wind down. I have 1-2 assignments left in all of my classes, but they’re all the final projects that are worth at least 100 points each, so that’s a little stressful, but I’ll get through it. Spring break here I come!

9. Last spring break was very relaxing, as it should be. This year will be the last ever spring break I have. It’s so weird to be having so many lasts. Last January in this town, last February, last winter quarter of school… I’m so ready for the change, but it’s a lot to wrap my mind around.

Well, I think I’m gonna stop there because I don’t really have anything interesting to say and I don’t have any pictures.

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6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #9

  1. Isn’t it crazy to look back at old pictures and see how far we’ve come? It feels like a different lifetime, and I almost don’t even recognize the girl I used to be anymore… which is probably a good thing. And I seriously need to start practicing more yoga. I could really use more relaxation in my life…

    • It really is. It’s like, I can’t believe I used to be that girl. She seems so different now. Yoga with Adrienne on youtube is great for getting into it, and of course Tara Stiles.

  2. RUN A DISNEY HALF! Seriously…sign up as soon as you can and JUST DO IT! The registration fills up within days, so you must act quick. I wanted that to be my first half and it was the most magical experience. To put it into perspective the registration opened in January, the race wasn’t until September, but the spots filled up before February!! Anyway, find one to run! You won’t regret it!

    • I think I’ll sign up for one next year since I’ll be living in the area. Plus I just found out something today that’s going to put running training on hold for a long time. But I definitely want to do it! And I will. 🙂

  3. Ellie says:

    I WANT TO RUN THE DISNEY HALF! I have always wanted to do the Disney Princess Half (which just happened) and dress up! It’s totally a bucket list race!

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