Week #8 of 2015: More Exhaustion

That might be the theme of this year: exhaustion. But it’s only February so we’ll see.

Feb 15


This is one of my favorite workout outfits. I spent Sunday cleaning the apartment as I do every Sunday, because our backpacks kind of explode all over the place throughout the busy week. I even deep cleaned the bathroom! Then I walked to the gym for Sunday night Zumba in my awesome leggings and No Sleep for the Wild tank top which has a cat wearing feathers on its head on it. I did another hour of Zumba when I got home. It was a relaxing/active post-Valentine’s Day Sunday.

Feb 16


This was one of the chocolate covered strawberries the husband got me for Valentine’s Day. It was delicious. We had Monday off which was a nice 3-day weekend. I got the news that my Zumba mock class would be that Friday, though, so I went for my usual leg day and then went home to practice my Zumba choreography. I actually got to go to yoga because I didn’t have to work, which was really nice.

Feb 17


I actually did my makeup on Tuesday. But, I don’t wear anything other than workout clothes and the jeans I need to wear for work now, so I looked pretty with my weird t-shirt turned tank top on. I somehow stayed awake through class, went to work which was crazy busy (We had about 1000 extra people on campus this week for a festival so work was swamped pretty much every day), and then to the gym. Of course I did more Zumba practice once I got home from the gym. I ran into my neighborhood kitty friend I’ve now named Smoky. She is the sweetest little cat and I’m so happy to see her when I walk home.

Feb 18


I made another mug creation on Wednesday. This time it was a mug cookie instead of a cake. Cake is ok, but I much prefer cookies. Wednesday consisted of running 4.25 miles, half an hour of Zumba, and 45 minutes of yoga. I’ve been so much more active with cardio lately that I rarely hit my calories. I have to struggle to get up to my BMR level. I’ll definitely be doing some meal planning today so I don’t have to scramble in the night time for more things to eat anymore.

Feb 19

Thursday was really weird. I went to work which was long and busy, I practiced Zumba stuff for about an hour, doing each song twice to make sure I had the choreography down, and then my husband and I sat down to watch Drive. It was the first evening he’s been home in months so I was happy about that, but then I had the worst anxiety attack. I couldn’t breathe. It physically hurt to inhale. I ended up running into the bedroom because I think the movie was stressing me out even more. The husband suggested a bath which helped for a moment, but ended as soon as I got out of the tub. I ended up just reading and going to sleep. So I didn’t take any pictures. It was a weird night. I’m sad I won’t have exactly 365 pictures from 2015 now, but I realize that stuff happens and I can’t be upset. I had a valid excuse.

Feb 20


Friday came and I had my mock class right after work, so I had to leave a few minutes early. By my last hour of work we are overstaffed so it wasn’t a problem to leave 5 minutes early. I had to change out of my work uniform into my favorite kind of clothes and go teach a 30 minute class. I felt really good about it by the end of it. Just doing the whole thing with a smile and forgetting choreography only twice was a huge accomplishment for me. Ignore the fact that the person evaluating me sat in the back completely stone faced the entire time. They are really intimidating so I walked out of there with my confidence completely gone. I did my normal workout, did some extra running, and when I got home allowed myself to completely collapse on the couch. Doing Zumba every day on top of normal workouts was insane, but at least I was prepared. I wrote a 7 page essay on WALL•E in about an hour and then just watched random shows on Netflix until I went to bed.

Feb 21


I went to Zumba on Saturday, then went home and cleaned a little bit. It was an emotionally draining day. It’s been a long two months of the year so far, so before bed I took the above selfie of me trying to look cute while just physically and emotionally exhausted. I finished a show on Netflix, tried watching an episode of My Fair Wedding which I used to watch all the time but just got annoyed with the crazy people freaking out over stupid little details, and eventually went to bed to read.

I’ve been re-reading the Paper Gods series by Amanda Sun, Ink and Rain because I just found out the release date for the third book and wanted to refresh my memory. Even if that book isn’t coming out until the end of June… They’re really, really good books. I highly recommend them. I found the first book Ink at an airport bookstore and decided to treat myself because I’d been through a lot that month and was very upset to find out it was the first of a series that was still being written. I like to binge watch and binge read. I hate waiting years in between seasons and books. I believe the third one is the last in the series, though, so if you’re like me, now is a good time to get into it. I did all the waiting for you!

How was your week? 


2 thoughts on “Week #8 of 2015: More Exhaustion

  1. Ellie says:

    I hope you’re feeling better after that anxiety attack. It’s great your husband was there to calm you down. With all the Zumba you’ve been doing, you’ll be the best instructor ever! I would totally take your class!

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