Thinking Out Loud #6


Thursdays are for thinking out loud!

1. I’m going to Dapper Day in Disneyland in September, and I’m thinking of getting my daily walking mileage up to the same amount I’ll be walking on the trip so my feet don’t die as much as they usually do. It’s about 10 miles a day, so I need to up my running. I’m not really a big runner right now, but I definitely enjoy it. Right now I run about 2 miles/day, 4 days/week. #trainingfordisney

August 2014 in Carsland

August 2014 in Carsland

2. Speaking of Dapper Day, I can’t decide if my husband and I are going to Disney-dapper-bound as Peggy Carter and Howard Stark, or Eugene and Rapunzel. I know Dapper Day is only a one-day thing, but our trip is 2 days long, so I might make it a 2-day dapper event for me.

peggy and howard Rapunzel-Flynn-in-Tangled-disney-couples-25952944-1280-720

3. If you’re not watching Marvel’s Agent Carter on ABC go do it. It is an amazing show. Don’t knock it because it’s set in 1946. I love period pieces, and they do a really good job. Plus, Peggy Carter is kick-ass, and it’s cool to get to focus on an amazing woman instead of just forgetting her after Cap disappears.


4. I’m super stoked to get Zumba certified on Saturday. I have to drive over a mountain pass, which I haven’t ever done when snow is present, but I’m going with a friend so at least I won’t be alone. I am currently an ISSA certified personal trainer, but after trying to get hired as one I realized that personal training isn’t what I’m into. I got into fitness through group fitness classes. I love the community it creates. One-on-one is great, but it’s not for me.

5. I’ve been slacking on my home yoga practice. It’s midterms now, which is one of the downsides of being on a quarter system instead of semesters. At least if you hate a class it ends a lot faster than on semesters. I also injured my shoulder so I’m avoiding working it for a day or two, which means down dog is out of the question, and I mainly practice vinyasa.

6.  I am absolutely in love with overnight oats. I recently discovered that adding a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg just makes it amazing. Surprisingly, I’m not big on adding nut butters, but I did only try that once, so maybe I need to give it a second chance before I really decide. I actually hate regular oatmeal, so the fact that I like overnight oats is pretty surprising for me.

7. My friend is going back to Japan on Saturday. I hope I get to say goodbye before she goes. She’ll be leaving at about 5 AM on Saturday, so I’ll be sleeping since I’m going to be spending about 8 hours in Zumba certification just a few hours later. So I’ll have to try to say bye on Friday.

she took this picture when we got fro-yo on Monday

she took this picture when we got fro-yo on Monday

8. My iTunes is on shuffle playing songs from my Disney playlist, and I’m having all kinds of flashbacks. Flashbacks to when I was 10 and my Dad first showed me Newsies and I became obsessed with it. Flashbacks to summer when I was 14 and Camp Rock premiered on Disney Channel back when it was still kind of good. I danced in my room to that soundtrack for hours despite the summer heat and lack of air conditioning in our house.

I NEED to see the Broadway version. I hope they tour.

I NEED to see the Broadway version. I hope they tour.

9. We are about a week into February and I am ready for warmer weather and the end of this year. Unless I get my hover board and 80’s themed nostalgia restaurants, I am just ready to graduate and get on with my life.


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #6

    • I can’t even remember where I heard about Dapper Day but I’ve wanted to go ever since. We were gonna go in September anyway, but then we found out about it and that some hotels offer special discounts for Dapper Day so we’re definitely going then. I just need to buy my outfit. 😉

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