Rest Days: I suck at them

I’m gonna tell you a secret. It’s a big one because I’m breaking a pretty big fitness rule.

I don’t take rest days.

I will go 7-11 weeks with no rest days and then I’ll take a week off. I get this great high off of working out, so I don’t like missing a day.*


Is this the best thing I can do for my body? Probably not. I started lifting very high reps and running a lot more than I used to recently, so my body definitely is in need of a rest. As it made it known yesterday when I was on my last set of exercises. I was getting a little too into my side plank twists and my hand slipped from under me and my shoulder twisted in a way it probably isn’t supposed to.

It’s my own fault. I accept full responsibility, but I’m angry about it. It’s been hurting since yesterday, so today I decided to take it light and just do some walking on an incline on the treadmill. I definitely felt my glutes, and did minimal arm movements.

restday2My shoulders have given me issues before. To be honest, I need to take better care of them than I do. Maybe this time I’ll actually remember to do that.

And I need to remember to actually take rest days. I might end up taking Sunday off and just do some yoga and cleaning, and probably homework, but I’m not sure yet. I can’t take Saturday off because I’m getting Zumba certified on Saturday.

Whatever I decide, I definitely need to incorporate one rest day a week into my workout schedule. If I’m still hurting tomorrow I might combine Thursday’s workout with Friday’s and just walk again like I did today. I watched FRIENDS on my tablet. It was a very productive walk.

Rest days are important. I know that, I just don’t like them. I need to start, though.

Do you take rest days? How often?

What is your favorite thing to do on rest days?


*I realize this might sound like I have exercise addiction, and I kind of do, but I am working on it, and am in a much better place in my life now than I was five years ago.


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