Trying New Things: Overnight Oats

I’ve been a part of the online healthy living blogging community for a while. Not really in my blogs, since my past blog was dedicated to my recovery, but I read a lot of those blogs and commented. I learned a lot about how living healthy was doable and what it took to do it. I saw a lot of good recipes and beautiful pictures, and just kept wondering if I would ever get to join that community where I can keep up a healthy lifestyle without my eating disorder getting in the way.

I think I’m finally getting there.

I’m a huge fan of green smoothies. I don’t like eating kale or spinach in salads, so getting them in smoothies is great. For a while that was my go-to breakfast.

But in the past few days I’ve decided to try another healthy living staple: overnight oats.

I’m not a fan of regular oatmeal at all, but this stuff I can actually kind of get behind. So I bought the oats, and went on Pinterest to find some good recipes to try. These are the ones I found that looked good to me. Since I’m not a fan of oatmeal I thought I’d start with stuff that tasted more like dessert than oats so the flavor can help me overcome the texture which is what gets me.

If you click on the pictures they should take you to the recipes!







Do you eat overnight oats?

What’s your favorite combination?



4 thoughts on “Trying New Things: Overnight Oats

  1. I tried overnight oats once…and it was so horrific that I’ve never tried them again. HAHA I think I just tried to cram WAYYY too many flavors into one mix that it came out so nasty.

    • I’ve heard some people say they like it with steel cut oats or rolled oats, and then the brand matters, too. I tried the raspberry recipe I posted and liked it better than the first time. I’ve tried oatmeal so many times and hated it pretty much every time. It’s definitely an acquired taste.

  2. Ellie says:

    I make overnight oats whenever I have about three tablespoons of nut butter left in the jar. I add oats, vanilla almond milk and a banana, microwave it and then keep it in the fridge overnight. The next morning it’s super good! Usually I add chocolate chips or granola to it as well. I highly recommend it. I never usually make oatmeal in the morning actually. I prefer PB&J

    • That sounds really good! I think I’m gonna try that tonight. PB&J for breakfast? That’s delicious. Sometimes I’ll make a half one with toasted bread and some eggs on the side.

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