Week #3 of 2015

Jan 11

I forgot to take a picture. I did pretty much nothing all day except homework. I am currently reading Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please when I’m not reading text books, so I took this picture when I realized I’d gotten to take one on Sunday.

Jan 12

Honestly a little sad this is the only picture I took on Monday because it’s not very exciting. One of my coworkers all of a sudden yelled at me to go look in the mirror like something was wrong, and I did and I looked fine, so I don’t know what that was about.

Jan 13

On Tuesday I went to my closet and pulled the string to turn on the light and the string came right out. I called the apartment people about it but still have not heard back from them. I had to take the lightbulb out or else it would probably still be on. I want it fixed soon. We have one tiny door into our closet that extends beyond the door so it’s very dark in there now and I can hardly see into it.

Jan 14

On Wednesday I took a selfie. I didn’t take many at all this week. I just wasn’t feeling it. I also made this mug cake from chocolatecoveredkatie.com. It was delicious, but took way longer to bake than I thought it would because I used a little too much milk. Still worth it, though.

Jan 15

Forgot to take a picture again until night time so this is my Tsum Tsum collection. I need more.

Jan 16

I spent Friday night watching The Little Mermaid DVD I have, so it still has the old Disney intro on it. I think I’m going to add that castle to the teeny tiny Disney tattoo I have on my wrist.

Jan 17

I decided to use a bit of my Christmas money to buy some new leggings because I don’t have any interesting ones. I have two pairs of black leggings and so I added a few colorful ones to my collection. These are the first ones that came in the mail so I couldn’t wait to wear them to Zumba on Saturday. I got probably ten compliments on them yesterday. I only got to wear them for a little bit, though, because I had to work a double on my day off so I had to change into boring and uncomfortable jeans. Whoever decided that jeans were casual wear were crazy.

How was your week? 


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