Week #2 of 2015

Jan 4

On Sunday I tried my new Zumba Wii game and had banana soft serve for a post-workout snack. I made it with a frozen banana, some milk, chocolate protein powder, peanut butter, and extra chocolate chips because I wasn’t having a very good day. The game is super fun, but I am glad to be back in actual group fitness classes in the gym.

Jan 5

On Monday I went to the gym for leg day! I reduced my normal weights but after only the first exercise my legs felt like they’d fall off. I tried running afterwards but my legs turned to jell-o in 11 seconds and I had to stop. This was my face post-workout. I could barely walk for three days after that.

Jan 6

Tuesday was the first day of classes, but my only class on campus got cancelled so I got to go back home for a while and work on my online classes. My eye makeup was on point that day so I took a selfie before going to work where I would stumble around on my non-working legs and almost fall asleep standing up. I was not ready for this week.

Jan 7

Since my legs were still quite dead by Wednesday I played the Zumba game again instead of going to group fitness. My Zumba game has less squatting in it than the Zumba classes on campus do, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to squat without my legs breaking. I was really feeling all the greens and blues I was wearing and felt super confident so I took this picture before starting my workout. I rarely took selfies last year, so this year has been interesting so far, and I think all the selfies are helping my self esteem.

Jan 8

Honestly, this picture is a dud. At about 11:50 pm I realized I hadn’t taken any pictures yet and was too tired to try so I took a picture of my 10 year old iPod shuffle on the floor. It still works just as well as it did when I got it.

Jan 9

On Friday I actually went to a party but before that I was sitting in my apartment listening to the Broadway soundtrack playlist I made in iTunes (because I am also a theater nerd) and it started playing music from Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella and I got in full princess mode and made this in snapchat.

Jan 10

And because line and trees are my favorite things to photograph I took this on my walk home from Zumba yesterday. Organic line is my favorite thing to photograph, and I’ve been saving up for a good DSLR for a while now. Not quite there yet, but when I finally get to buy a camera trees are probably all I’ll ever take pictures of.


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