Winter Quarter 2015 Week 1

It’s finally Friday! I have made it through my first week of winter quarter. Only 9 more to go and then 1 week for finals. I don’t even know what we’re gonna do over spring break, but that’s not what I need to think of right now. Right now my life is filled with homework.

chibird.comThis is usually me with homework. I spent all of last quarter watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and I just finished last night. I know FRIENDS is on there now, but I already have the box set so I feel no rush to get into that. So maybe this quarter I’ll actually work harder. I work hard enough to get A’s and B’s every quarter, but maybe I’ll procrastinate less. I have 2 online classes this quarter with all of the assignments and quizzes already uploaded onto the site, so I plan on doing one a day for each until I get ahead enough to take a break. So far I’ve finish the assignments for this week. Maybe I’ll do extra over the weekend.

On the bright side, I am only taking classes in my major from now until graduation which is really nice. No more wasting my time on gen eds.

I also need to get back into solid yoga practice. I’ve been doing 20-30 minutes every day with a few days missed here and there, but I need to get back into a full hour’s practice again. I think now that I know my weekly routine it will be easy to do, I just needed this week to adjust and see what I was up against. I have gotten into a new weight lifting routine which is nice. I need to mix it up every two weeks or else I get bored. I’ve also started running more. Not very much, but a good amount for someone who does Zumba and 10-20 minute HIIT sessions for cardio. I just like doing a bunch of things.

I am ready for this weekend. It’s going to be filled with Disney and homework and Zumba and yoga and probably one more day of lifting. And of course, sleeping. I am exhausted!


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