Thinking Out Loud #3

It’s time for thinking out loud!

1. Well, another quarter has started. It’s my last winter quarter. The Actor and I have decided that if for some reason we don’t graduate by the end of the year we just won’t graduate and will leave. Because we cannot do another winter in this town. This is the last one.

2. We woke up to a nice sheet of ice on the car and the roads this morning. Not great when you’re already running late to class. We de-iced the windows and then they fogged up instantly and didn’t un-fog until we were halfway to school.

3. I got a Fitbit Charge for Christmas and I love it! Except it is currently sitting on my nightstand completely dead. Somehow the charger for it got lost so I ordered a new one on Sunday, payed for the most expensive and fastest shipping and it’s still not coming until next week. Can you imagine how long I’d have to wait if I just paid for the cheapest and slowest shipping? I’m actually pretty angry about it, but mostly at myself for losing the charger in the first place. I have an obsessive compulsion to keep track of everything and I thought, hey, let’s relax a little bit. The one time I decided to relax I lost the charger for my new toy, so I’m never relaxing again, basically.

4. I also got this Zumba game for the Wii and I’ve played it twice already and love it. I’m really excited to get back to my weekend Zumba classes on campus, though.

5. Kittens are adorable.

6. Speaking of work, I really, really, really need to find a new job. The one I’m at isn’t terrible I just have been working there too long and want a change. I’m going to apply for a bunch of places around town. I also need more money. We’re not allowed to work more than 19 hours/week at my current job and that’s just not gonna cut it anymore.

7. I want to buy some cute new leggings for workouts, but, again, I’m poor so that’s going to have to wait. I’ll probably make a wanelo board completely dedicated to them, though.

8. is like pinterest but specifically for shopping. Go check it out.

9. I have a lot of reading homework that I don’t want to do. I really just want to take a nap. But it’s almost evening so napping now would just make it harder to go to sleep tonight. I will have to power through it! At least tomorrow is Friday! I made it through my first week of winter quarter! Only 9 more to go.

10. California dreamin’ on such a winter’s day.


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