First Photos of 2015

So I’ve started my photo diary for the year. Right now it’s kind of just a bunch of random pictures, one for each day. I might end up with more per day as the year goes on and stuff happens, but these past few days haven’t been too eventful. I’m just relaxing before going back to life tomorrow.

Jan 1

The first was the 6th dating anniversary for my husband and I. Our first date back in 2009 consisted of watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button at the movie theater in our town’s mall and then getting coffee and hot chocolate from Starbucks. 6 years later we went to see Big Eyes and got some smoothies from Starbucks. I’m not a coffee person at all.

Jan 2

We drove back home on Friday but not before going to IHOP. I don’t usually drink, but I had a fair bit of alcohol on NYE and apparently asked for waffles, but the wait at IHOP at 2am on New Year’s Day was an hour long so waffles were postponed. I ate half of this waffle before I got full. It was delicious but ridiculously big and rich. Half was about all I could handle.

Jan 3

I spent yesterday starting to clean the apartment. And I decided by ignoring everything that needs to be put away and alphabetizing all of our movies. Turns out we need a separate bookshelf for our movies, but I made it work. It did stress me out about moving, though. We have so much stuff that we’ve accumulated just from college it’s insane. I need to actually remember to sell back our textbooks and recycle all our assignment papers. I don’t want to keep any of that. We also finally got to go back to the gym yesterday. It felt like going home. It was very nice and my arms are definitely sore today.

3 days of 2015 down. 362 to go.


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