New Year’s Eve 2014

Happy 2015! We are 3 days into the new year and so far I’m just tired. With a new year comes not only a new chance for opportunity and change that is easily tracked with the start of a new calendar, but also the end of the holiday season. I have to take down all of our decorations and find places for all the books I got. I also have to go back to work and school on Monday when I really just want another week of break.

We drove back home yesterday. It’s nice to be back in our own apartment and our own bed even if we do hate the town we live in. And it’s nice being home and not being sick.

My New Year’s Eve was pretty eventful.

The Actor and I met up with my best friend Queen B in Seattle and went to this great little place called Pho Cyclo for dinner. I took pictures but only on Snapchat so they’re gone forever. I thought I’d saved them to my phone, but I guess not. I was having too much fun.

After dinner we drove down to Belltown and stopped at a bar that was close to where we were finally able to park our car. We had a great view of the Space Needle from the parking lot, too. We weren’t too close or too far away to enjoy the fireworks once midnight actually hit.

It was probably the most fun NYE I’ve ever had. I spent pretty much all of the New Year’s Day sleeping, but did get up to go see Big Eyes that evening. It was really good. The critics always seem to give Tim Burton movies bad reviews, but the movie was very well done.

We spent last night watching Back to the Future II since it is 2015! I think October 21st is the one thing I’m really excited about this year. I plan on dressing up like Jennifer, Marty’s girlfriend to celebrate the day. I may be an exercise fanatic but I am also a film nerd.

Well, it is time to clean up the apartment and finally go back to the gym. The bodyweight routines and yoga I was able to do at my in-laws was fine, but I am happy to get back to my normal routine.

Happy New Year!

How was your NYE?


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