Healthy Holiday Guide Part 5: Breathe

Well, we made it. Tonight is the last night of Hanukkah and also Christmas Eve. Tonight my family will all get together for a big fun dinner with lots of cookies and pastas and other carbs and fats and what have you. Whatever you do tonight make it about who you’re with and not the food. Sure, the food is delicious, it’s food, and holiday food at that, but that’s not why you’ve all gathered. Maybe everyone looks forward to Grandma’s roast every year, or your Uncle Steve’s weirdly delicious mashed potatoes, but what about Grandma and Uncle Steve? Fill your plate but take more time mentally recording what is happening around you than what you’re putting in your mouth. Savor the taste, definitely, but don’t stress about it.

When things get too stressful return to your breath. Take just a minute to sit back and take some deep breaths. Try to come back to your center, breathe, and then come back to the present moment.

Enjoy your food. Enjoy your family and friends. Breathe. And know that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day only happen once a year. Try not to stress too much and try to have fun. If you have a bad day, I’m sorry, but try to breathe through it. So much of life comes down to just breathing. Take a step back and breathe when things get too stressful. You’ll be surprised how much it can help.

So that about wraps up the holiday guide. Check the “healthy holiday guide” tag for all of the posts, and prepare for the new year!

Happy Christmas, everyone!


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