Healthy Holiday Guide Part 4: Holiday Treats

Currently writing this post wrapped in blankets on my couch. It’s the first week of break and I am also sick, so whoopee… I’m just glad I’m sick on break and not right before Christmas so I’ll be better in time for Christmas and New Years parties.

I have, after about five years of trying, finally just about kicked my sugar addiction. I do not crave ice cream or chocolate anymore, (I’m sure I still do at that time of the month, but I haven’t had that time for about 7 months now because of my birth control. tmi, moving on) and I don’t freak out around treats.

Except for Christmas ones.

Chocolate and peppermint is my all time favorite flavor combination. I also can’t resist frosted sugar cookies or gingerbread men. And, hey, it’s the holidays right? It only happens once a year, right? So eating them should be guilt free, right? To an extent. Every year I have that internal struggle back and forth between how much is too much. When have I eaten too many cookies and too much chocolate? This year I’m trying an approach that might work better for my sanity.

This year I am deeming Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve to be off limits days for my “diet.” On those days I am allowed to have as many treats as I want and I will not count them. This is going to be a struggle for me since I count a lot of things I eat, but it’s worth it. I will try to get enough vitamins and minerals and pay extra attention to protein since holiday treats are basically just big colorful shapes of carbs and fat, but if I one, five, ten, or even twenty Christmas cookies that is fine.

There are many ways to approach the holidays besides my version. You can have a little bit of everything, or a lot of everything, or try to have a lot of vegetables and water so you’ll naturally eat less candy and cake. Whatever you pick make sure it works for you and that you’re not depriving yourself. You deserve as many cookies as you want. Just jump right back into your old routine the day after Christmas. Telling yourself in your head that you can’t have those treats are just going to make you crave them more. Know that they are not off limits and you might be surprised at the results.

Less than 12 days to Christmas and Hanukkah starts tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Healthy Holiday Guide Part 4: Holiday Treats

  1. Teach me your sugar resisting ways!! I did have wayy too much chocolate/date/banana bars I made yesterday, which caused me to repel the idea of having any today. That’s a start? HAHA.

    • Honestly, and this sounds kinda weird, but it wasn’t until I started practicing yoga religiously that I was able to resist sugar. I guess it has to do with being so present and centered in your body. You don’t realize how disconnected you are until you really practice. I guess it helped me understand more about my body and its needs, so instead of thinking it just wants sugar I can know what it actually wants and avoid sweets.

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