Thinking Out Loud #2

Thursdays are for thinking out loud.

1. I’m finally done with this quarter. I took my last final on Tuesday and had one emergency final assignment yesterday. I just have work today and tomorrow until I’m on vacation until next year. I’m so excited for break. I need it.

2. But now that I’m done with finals I don’t really know what to do with myself. I have so much free time now. I want to get back into my writing, and I will, but what else am I going to do??

3. I can’t believe it’s almost time for Christmas! Are you ready? I’ve got my online shopping carts filled up but I haven’t pressed the order button yet. Maybe I can do that when I’m not writing.

4. I made cookies last Saturday! They’re the kind I throw into the mix of Christmas cookies. I used both milk and dark chocolate kisses which turned out amazing. I brought them to a Christmas party so I only ate maybe 5 and the rest of the 4 dozen was left there.

5. I also tried to look nice for the first time since my birthday. It’s super hard to do with this haircut because I don’t have any styling products and just really miss my long hair.

And yes, those are tails on my shirt. The only holiday themed clothes I own is this one shirt which features three cats with bows and snowflakes on it.

6. I took a new picture of my tattoo because the old one was backwards so I had to take one where the characters were facing the right way. 

That’s what I get for studying Japanese the past 5 years. Off and on. I can’t speak it very well, but writing and listening is pretty spot on.

7. Seriously, I miss my long hair!

I am pretty certain I’ll never cut it this short again. Maybe up to my shoulders will be the shortest I ever go again. I’m gonna be that old lady with the long silvery hair and chopsticks. I’m cool with that.

8. Work is going to be so slow today and tomorrow. I work in dining on my college campus and everyone is leaving for break so I’ll probably spend it staring at the clock.

9. The weather here has been so gloomy the past month or two. I miss the sunshine. I cannot wait to graduate and move south. I’m not about this rainy, cold life.

10. Happy Thursday everyone! It’s almost Friday and the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #2

  1. I always swear I won’t cut my hair again, and then I get annoyed and chop it off. It’s a terrible cycle. HAHA. I feel your pain though. YAY FOR finals being done. I happen to LOVE the added free time, and the EXTRA time at work.

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