Tuesday’s Tune: Bang Bang

This song is fairly new and really upbeat. Plus, can you go wrong with Nicki Minaj and Jessie J? I haven’t heard too much from Ariana Grande but I do like what I have heard. They each have their own distinctive voice and style, and putting them together in this song was just awesome. It’s one of my favorite songs in Zumba to dance to, and also just to dance to in my living room when I’m home alone. I definitely want to jump around more when it comes on, which is good for neither running nor lifting, but it does bring a little extra energy. I have to stay clear of lots of jumping right now because this beauty is healing up:

I got it on Sunday so it’s still pretty fresh and I have to baby it for a week or two, therefore a lot of my workout intensity has to be cut, but it’s no big deal because I’ve been killing myself all quarter. I do have to remind myself that the reason why I’m not pushing myself at the moment is because I’ve got an open wound on my arm, but it’s totally worth it. For those of you who don’t speak Japanese it roughly translates to pretty/beautiful (woman) warrior/guardian. The text is backwards because snapchat doesn’t flip your photos.

If you need an extra push this week watch this video, add the song to your playlist, and get your blood pumping!


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