Shame-Free Saturday: A Collection

This week I thought I would post a collection of things instead of focusing on just one thing.

I am shame free about:

-watching Love Actually about 20 times every holiday season.

-my love of baking

-the fact that I don’t actually eat much of what I bake

-my anxiety

-using the TV as background noise about 80% of the time it’s on

-that I love a lot of YA fantasy novels

-that I am getting a Sailor Moon tattoo in the near future

-that I love anime, J-Pop and K-Pop

-that I binge watch Gilmore Girls every weekend

There is of course more to the list, but that is for another post on another day. I hope you’re having a good Saturday. I just baked some cookies for the first Christmas party of the season and now I’m studying for the last final exam I have on Monday. I am ready for break. I’ve had enough of school for now.

What are some things you’re shame-free/shameless about?


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