Shame-Free Saturday: Fun

Welcome to another Shame-Free Saturday!

This weekend for Americans was full of food, family, and hopefully a little fun thanks to Thanksgiving. Then there was last night, Friday night, the end of the week and usually the best time to go out with friends and do a little bar hopping, or in my case, bowling. We bowled for two hours and let’s just say the Wii is not really helping you learn how to bowl in the real world.

Times out with family and friends like this are special occasions. You don’t need to count calories or freak out about anything. Just enjoy it and have fun. Make some memories. If you’re going out every single weekend then maybe you want to cut back on your intake, but don’t deprive yourself of good food and fun times. Especially during this holiday season. Don’t go all out so that you’re sick and regretting eating anything at all because that won’t give you a positive relationship with food, but don’t sit back with a gross granola bar in your pocket because you think you can’t have any fun. Find a happy medium. Everything in moderation, including moderation. Find what works for you and stick to it. And have fun.

We are human and our model of society unfortunately revolves around us working for money so we can live and usually those jobs are less than stellar. We only get one life, so you need to carve out time for fun; time to just let loose and let your spirit run free. We aren’t meant to sit at computers all day crunching numbers in a job we hate. That’s why you eat right and exercise, to alleviate stress and find a little enjoyment in your life, and it’s also why you need to let yourself go during these holiday times. Letting all your worries and restrictions go for a little while is part of taking care of yourself, which is part of being healthy.

Basically, just have fun and don’t worry about it the next day. Losing weight doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you love.


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