Healthy Holiday Guide Part 2: Dinner

holiday guide Part 2: Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is a time to give thanks for everything you have in life. But if you’re trying to lose weight you probably don’t want to give thanks for all that fat you’re trying to shed, and you probably don’t want to add onto it, either. But don’t spend Thanksgiving in a panic because you’re worried about foiling your weight loss plans. Here are some tips to get through the day:

1 – Make the holiday season your maintenance challenge. Don’t stress too much about losing weight during this period, just try to maintain the weight you are at. Then kick it into high gear with everyone else in January.

2 – If you are worried or want to try to keep losing weight and you’re in charge of the dinner try to make it as healthy as possible but without sacrificing flavor or tradition. Don’t trade sweet potatoes for mashed potatoes just because you want to be healthy. Mashed potatoes are good, and there are ways to make them so they’re a little healthier than the traditional recipes. Just type in some key words into Google and you’ll get a heap of ideas.

3 – Use smaller plates. I’m not talking baby plate, just smaller plates. You’ll fill it with food and feel fuller after clearing it but you won’t have eaten as much as you would with a bigger plate.

4 – Have a little bit of everything and fill up on those veggies! That way you get to have everything and you get some nutrients from the veggies.

5 – Don’t worry! Thanksgiving should be a day that you are off your diet. You can jump right back into it on Friday while you’re running around doing Black Friday shopping. It’s completely ok to go a little overboard. Life moves on and so will you. In fact, I make Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner days where I’m not on a diet at all. I just eat and let myself savor every bite and enjoy it all.

Thanksgiving dinner isn’t evil. It’s delicious and it’s completely okay to enjoy every single bit of it. I promise that the world will keep turning if you have seconds and thirds and three slices of pie. I promise that you will not gain any real weight. You might bloat up and retain water, but it’s pretty unlikely that you, the health conscious person that you are, will gain any real weight from one meal. Just enjoy it. You don’t have a Thanksgiving dinner every night. When else do you have turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin/pecan pie all at once? Have fun and don’t worry. You won’t lose any progress by having one meal. I completely erase Thanksgiving off my diet calendar. It’s not a cheat day. It’s not an “eat clean” day. It’s just a day.

So have fun this Thanksgiving and breathe. Everything will be okay.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?


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