My Week in Photos (10/5/14-10/11/14)

IMG_0717This is the view from my walk home last Sunday. I have to cover the last bit of the Actor’s shift at work because his director is insane and inconsiderate and makes them rehearse Sunday through Thursday instead of Monday through Friday so it interferes with his work schedule. Last week the sun was just setting when I got off, tonight it was completely dark. No more sunset walks for me.


A pretty sunset the last time I got to walk in one. It will be a while before I can do that again. Now I have to spend the sunsets locked inside a building with no access to a window. But at least I get paid.


Sweaty selfie after a Wednesday night Zumba class. One of my friends is an instructor so I bought a group fitness pass to go to her classes on weekends and then I started going to all the yoga classes and another Zumba class taught by a different instructor on weekdays. I had planned on going to more classes because I was going to try to be an instructor in the winter, but now I have different plans, but it’s still really fun. So I’ll work out probably 2 hours most days of the week, 7 days of the week. I’m crazy. I love it too much.


The moon the night of the eclipse and blood moon. I didn’t see it because I was sleeping, but we’ve got 1 or 2 more chances coming up soon in case you missed it, too.

DSCN1034 DSCN1042

The picture of the Mickey and Minnie tsumtsums was for a 3-point lighting set-up for one of my film classes. The picture of my wedding bouquet and rings was for the same class, but to demonstrate a bounce effect. The professor was so impressed by that picture that she said she almost would think it was plagiarized if she couldn’t see that the wall texture in the background was the same as in the Mickey and Minnie picture. It was really great to hear that the quality was so good when I took the picture on my couch with my point-and-shoot camera using my living room lamp and a piece of tin foil. She even asked if it could be used as an example for future classes, and I was flattered so of course I gave her permission. I’m pretty pleased with it myself.


And this is a lovely typo on an announcement at my work. Most announcements the management puts up have typos. I work at a college. I feel like typos from management are not excusable, and even less so when you work at a college.


Saturday was National Coming Out Day, and we had a table about it on Friday that I helped out at and wore this shirt.


And I will end this with an obligatory picture of my cat who was apparently terrified because my mom’s landlord is finally fixing up the house and the noise was bothering her.

So not a very eventful week. One of my classes was cancelled for the week. Or, not cancelled, I just only had to go to one day of it, which was nice because I had a cold. Now the Actor has a cold and pretty much everyone else on campus. Most people where sick when I was, too, and I’m glad I got it out of the way so I’ll be healthy for Halloween this year. I was sick last year.

Hopefully this week will be nice. I’m already ready for winter break.


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