New Stuff

Yesterday I drove around town going to appointments. I drove through downtown Seattle last weekend to get to my friend’s birthday brunch, so driving through my uni town where the speed limit is 25 throughout the entire town was really relaxing and kind of boring. But I got things done!


I got my glasses! It is kind of amazing how much clearer I can see with them because I felt like I could see pretty well without them. I don’t need them all the time, but for the first week or so I have to wear them most of the time while I adjust to them. After that I really only need them when I read or for class. Mainly when I work on the computer since that is when my astigmatism bothers me the most.

IMG_0674 IMG_0677 IMG_0676

Then I got these the other day! Aren’t they adorable? They’re smaller than my hand! And I wear a size 3 in rings. Japan has more of them to choose from, but the US has a fair bit. I’ll probably buy the rest that are available in the US because they are just so darn cute! They sold out of stores within a few days. I was going to buy them in Disneyland, but the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney told me they sold out really fast. I don’t think they’ve restocked yet either. The had them, though, which made me happy because I’d been really looking forward to getting them when I went to Disneyland and was pretty sad to find out they weren’t there anymore.

The Actor dumped them out of the package onto my lap and made me think of this: Scrubs-JD-pours-Kittens-on-Patient

It had the same effect. I just wish it was an actual box of kittens, but Tsum Tsums work just as well.

Sadly I only have a week left of my vacation, but I’m going to spend it relaxing and cleaning and of course, working out.


2 thoughts on “New Stuff

  1. I love your glasses on you! I first had to wear contacts and glasses 6 years ago and I used to avoid wearing glasses but now that I bought some pairs I love I wear them in public at least once a week. But it’s definitely a weird adjustment at first.

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