September Aspirations

Well, I’ve only just started my summer break and it’s already back to school season. I’ve only got one more back to school season after this year. Kinda bittersweet. To me September is kinda like a second spring. It’s another chance to make some changes. Especially since my daily schedule is about to change pretty drastically. If all goes as planned (officially withdrew from my major today and should be processed into my new one soon which means getting into the class I need) I will have class two days a week from 10-2 and work either every evening or every morning depending on which job I get.

So here are my September/fall quarter goals.
– don’t procrastinate on school work. Do it as soon as it is assigned.
– finish writing my screenplay
– get back into Pilates but continue lifting 3-4 days a week.
– attend a fitness class 3-5 days a week at the gym once they are posted again. (My gym is being remodeled. Also will be applying for a group fitness instructor position in the winter so I should probably know how my particular gym works with that before applying.)
– clean the apartment so it’s spotless in time for the holidays.
– Begin Christmas shopping.

That appears to be out for now. I’m going to be very busy fitness wise. I also plan on getting back into writing now that I have a functioning computer with 3 years of repairs. Windows may look cool but the functionality and quality is far below Apple. I learned my lesson. Never buy a Windows computer. Ever.

Happy September everyone!
What are your goals/aspirations for the month?


One thought on “September Aspirations

  1. Your fitness plans sound perfect, especially since you want to apply for an instructor position! I’m sure you’ll be prepared by the time that comes around.

    My main goal is to do a better job budgeting and set up a savings account. Now that I work full time I try to excuse my spending habits but I need to save more if I want to be able to move cross country in a year.

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