August – 25 Things

1. I’m happiest when…I’m working on something that is important to me. It’s summer and classes are over so I’m kind of miserable (also because of all the fires and smoke near me, but that’s another story. And my college town sucks), so I need to work on a project to give myself meaning. Otherwise I sit around and focus on how much I hate where I live. 

2. Especially if it…is a craft or a story. I need to finish my screenplay, but I am currently migrating to a new computer so I have a lot to download and set up and get used to. PC to Mac. 

3. I’ve always wanted to…learn German

4. My family and I…are weird but we love each other. 

5. I was a terrible…math student. I talked to myself when I would solve problems and goof around with my friends most of the class period. Somehow I still got A’s though.

6. My first job was…the one I have now, unless you count babysitting.

7. I could probably eat ____ everyday…peanut butter. And until recently I did. 

8. I stole…those little jelly packets from restaurants when I was a little kid. They fascinated me for some reason. 

9. I was born on the same day as…Will Smith, Mark Hamill, Michael Douglas, Shel Silverstein, and Catherine Zeta Jones. 

10. My all-time favorite film is…Some Like it Hot, with The Social Network as a close second. 

11. I do a pretty mean…cookie

12. I’m still mad…at that one girl who confessed that her bullying lead to that other girl committing suicide and she got away with it. It was a few years ago, but this girl had cyber bullied and also in school I guess, this other girl who committed suicide, and they didn’t punish the bully at all. I’m also still mad at people who have issues with birth control and marriage equality.

13. I met my best friend…in high school

14. I always knew I wanted…love

15. I’m not afraid to…stand up for others.

16. I make the best…cookie. That’s really all I’m good at.

17. I have almost no…self esteem. 

18. I always cry when…I remember #17.

19. I’m now…poor…but I hope to…not be poor someday

20. I spent four years…in recovery from anorexia nervosa so far

21. I wish my folks…would each see a therapist

22. At age 5, I was deeply in love with…a golden retriever named KG

23. I believe if everyone…was nice to each other…the world would be a better place. Enough said!

24. I can’t stand…people who make stupid arguments against marriage equality or birth control. So pretty much every argument against marriage equality or birth control. 

25. Whenever…Friends…is on, I’ll watch.


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