Experiment Refeed

So experiment refeed has gone, well, not too well. I have been consuming as much as I should be, and even getting really close to hitting all my macros, even without eating meat. I go back and forth on how much meat I do and do not eat. I kind of just eat everything now. So, while I’ve successfully eaten all I need to, my body is not happy about this development. I’m not dying, I just a little nauseous and my stomach gets a little upset every now and then. I basically doubled my caloric intake overnight and increased my protein intake by 50 or so grams, so my body has had a bit of a shock. It irritates me. I want to be able to just adjust instantly. But I guess the last time I started a refeed I didn’t double my intake overnight. It took a while before I was eating enough. I ran away from food a lot. 

I mean that literally. There was a lot of running away during high school lunch times. 

But otherwise, I feel pretty good. My workouts are awesome. They had to cut the gym size in half because they’re expanding the weight room, so the entire first floor is shut down except for the locker rooms. And since it’s summer there are less people, especially now that most classes are over, so that means I get to use squat racks! I feel pretty awesome using them, and it’s weird but I feel more challenged. I do barbell complexes now for cardio, which are killer and fun. 

I got sent home an hour early today because work has been so slow, but I was happy about it because they’re ripping up the floor where I work so there is a bunch of floor dust in the air and it made it difficult for me to breathe. 

Other than my body not being too happy about increased calorie intake, I’m doing ok. I think my body should adjust soon. I’m kind of backing off but I’ll work back up to it soon, I’m sure. I am enjoying my summer. Yesterday I played the Wii and generally lazed around. I did turn in my major application so I can officially switch, and I did work out, but other than that I liked relaxing. Today I have worked, worked out, taken care of some grown up things, cleaned, and now I’m being lazy on the computer. I think a month off is all I need. Longer than that and I get restless. 


4 thoughts on “Experiment Refeed

  1. Like you said, your body will adjust soon. When you haven’t had a good amount of nutrition for so long, your body gets used to it and almost forgets what normal nutrition is 🙂 . Just don’t get frustrated with your body and give it some time. You are doing the right thing by giving your body what it needs 🙂

  2. I definitely agree that it can be hard for your body to adjust but it will with time! I know I hate feeling full, so increasing my intake is always hard because I have to take it super slow or I feel incredibly comfortable, but I know bigger increases can work for some people. So maybe try smaller but more frequent increases?

    • After that day I’ve felt fine. But if I ever slip back again I’ll make sure to remember to add calories gradually instead of all at once.

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