Boring Summer

I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. The past few years have been filled with really exciting stuff. My recovery then the Actor’s graduation then my senior year and graduation then I got engaged then I went to college and then I got married. And now my days consist of eating cereal while watching 30 Rock on Netflix, going to work or class, going to the gym, going home and doing homework, mediating, studying Japanese, reading and sleeping. Pretty much every day except Saturday where I work all day. So I’m pretty boring right now. And the only exciting thing coming up is my graduation in December of 2015. I need to do more exciting things. 

I went to my friend’s 21st birthday last weekend which was fun. I’ve got on week left of summer classes. I can’t wait to finally have a break. I haven’t been longing for summer all quarter but I’m ready for a bit of vacation. I can’t believe July is almost over already.

I’m proud of myself though. I waited almost 8 months before longing for fall holidays. October through december is my favorite time of year. 

And I want to thank everyone for all their comments on my last post. I really struggle with self-love and positive body image. My therapist is helping me with it but she is leaving in I think three weeks and then I’ll be therapist-less so I need to learn how to work on it myself. It’s just really upsetting because a year ago I was in this fantastic place. And I was also distracted by my mom’s trip to the hospital but I was still in a better place than I am now. Maybe I just really need a break from school or something. 

Hopefully exciting things will happen so I will blog more often. 



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