Sunday Funday–Super Moons and Swimming

I did not realize that last night we had a super moon and it explains so much. Our forecast today was projected to get to 104 and yesterday I was super irritated about that, and last night was just really weird and, well, irritating. It was way too hot to sleep comfortably and I was really irritated about the prospect of tonight being worse because of the projected forecast, but then I saw the news articles this morning about last night’s super moon. Boy was that a big wake up call. I hate the heat as much as the next person, but not so much that I spiral into a ridiculous depression about it. I was also having the biggest body image relapse ever that seemed to have come out of nowhere. Believe what you will, but the full moon does something to people. Ask pretty much any ER doc. All the crazy cases come in when there is a full moon.

I’ve also been mediating more, and loving it, but it’s lead me to believe that we draw our strength from the earth, and why wouldn’t we? We are made of earth and when we die we’ll return to it. Why else would eating a plant based diet be so good for us? We are the stuff that stars are made of, so I think it makes sense the full moon would do something to us. Also because of the moon’s influence on the tides and we’re basically just sacks of water.

Speaking of water, the Actor and I went swimming today at the city pool and it was so nice. I haven’t gone swimming since our honeymoon and that was a very rushed swim because we swam, showered, grabbed our stuff, and checked out of the hotel, so it had to be before 10 am or something if I remember right. Some beautiful grey clouds rolled in over the city and so we only got up to 97, which sounds so much nicer than 104, but it was still nice to swim. We were going to go to our university’s pool but it isn’t open on weekends during the summer so we might check it out during the weekday here in a couple of days or weeks.

I’m halfway through summer quarter and about to start working on my first act for my first screenplay. Ok, I started one a few months ago and got 2 pages in before I realized I needed more planning and also did not really have any time to work on it, so it’s been sitting on my computer ever since. it’s kind of a reverse cross-dressing story. Will you ever see it? Chances are no. Someone’s first screenplay isn’t likely to go anywhere, and if anything when I’m out in the professional world if I have it edited to where I want it, it won’t be more than a portfolio script to show people looking to hire writers. Maybe if I ever get the money I’ll do it independently, but whatever.

I am loving these clouds. It is so nice. I’ve also got our air conditioner running. It’s just a nice change from how I felt yesterday. I did have a lot of fun at work with my coworkers, even though it was a slow and long shift. Tomorrow is Monday, and thankfully I just have therapy and work. I am ready for my summer vacation. I get a month off starting the 22nd or 23rd of August and school starts again on the 24th of September, but that month will be plenty. Once I’d stopped driving back and forth to visit my mom in the hospital and settled back home last summer I started to get very bored not having classes or a job.

I hope you all had a good weekend!

Also, head on over to my movie review blog for a comparison review of Tangled and Frozen. Chocolate Dipped Drama


2 thoughts on “Sunday Funday–Super Moons and Swimming

  1. 104 is hot! We got to 100 over the weekend and with the humidity it was close to 105 but I love the heat so I’m actually more upset that we’re getting a cold front later this week and it will only be in the 70s. But swimming makes the heat totally bearable, so I’m glad you were able to do that! That’s something I love about apartment living — a lot of them have really nice outdoor pools.

    • It’s 105 here now, so I’ve got the AC running. I wish our complex had a pool, but the one next to us does and my friend is moving there next week. She said she’ll let me in. 🙂

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