Spring/Summer Survey

Today was actually a fairly good Monday all things considered. The weather has been rainy and windy and not as warm as last week, but I’ll take it over 20 degrees any day. I signed up for summer classes which was more of a hassle than I’d thought it would be, but it’s all taken care of and now I just have to apply for financial aid for the summer. Right. I thought I’d fill out this fun little survey since it’s been basically forever since I did one.

Smoothies vs. juices?

Always smoothies. I mean, I like orange juice, but I’ve never tried juicing and I just prefer smoothies. They’re so creamy and awesome.

Grilled veggies vs. salads?

I’m actually a huge fan of grilled veggies and prefer them over salads most of the time. But sometimes you just can’t beat a good salad.

Corn on the cob vs. sweet potato fries?

Who would pick corn on the cob over sweet potato fries? I mean, if you do then good for you, but I definitely have to go with sweet potato fries.

Burgers or dogs (veggie varieties included)?

Oooh, that’s tough. Dogs, but only if they’re from Disneyland or Walt Disney World, and burgers only if it’s a Gardenburger brand one. I’m very picky.

Baseball or soccer?

I’m not a sports girl. Just a lift heavy things girl, but I’ll have to pick soccer since pretty much every kid in America did soccer and got that participation trophy.

Walking or biking?

Walking. It’s not as fast, but I like it. And my bike chain is rusted so I can’t ride my bike anymore, anyway.

Beach or trails?

I love the beach, but I’ll have to pick trails. It’s shady most of the time and ever changing and so pretty. Plus you feel more accomplished hiking a trail than lying on a beach. And I’m refuse to swim in anything other than a pool.

Ice cream or fresh fruit?

I really want to be healthy and say fruit but ice cream. Ice cream ice cream ice cream ice cream. I have the worst sweet tooth, but it’s picky. I don’t like cake and I can’t eat most cheesecakes, but ice cream, cookies, and brownies are just fine.

Sun bathing or swimming?

Swimming. I tan way too fast and I hate it, and I’d much rather prefer tanning in a pool where the water can cool me off than in the hot sun.

Tulips or daffodils?

Tulips! Once my mom took my little brother and me to this huge tulip farm with the biggest fields of tulips I’d ever seen!

Farmers markets or garage sales?

Garage sales if it’s my own and it’s profitable, but otherwise farmers markets.

Sneakers or sandals?

Ugh, sandals! I have been wearing my sneakers every day because of work (and I currently own no sandals) and I am so sick of it.

Flower garden or veggie garden?

Neither because I would kill anything I tried to plant. I had a flower in the dorm last year and managed to keep it alive until I got married and went on my honeymoon. Apparently a bunch of spiders or something housed in it and it died.

Well, I’m off to watch more Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Amazon Instant Video and then read more Harry Potter and go to bed. I’ve got 5 weeks of class left counting this one and then a 6 week summer session and I cannot wait! 6 weeks of class for the same amount of credits? I’ll take that thankyouverymuch.


3 thoughts on “Spring/Summer Survey

  1. Ice cream is always my favorite ‘real’ dessert. I can easily pass on cake but give me ice cream or gelato and I’m happy.

    And yeah, who picks corn on the cob? I really hate corn for whatever reason and sweet potato fries are just too good. They’re one of the things I actually crave on a regular basis.

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