Coping with Change: Real World Edition v1

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post I am going to be taking classes this summer. And I decided that I would take summer classes next summer and that would be my final quarter. Those classes would also be taken online and probably from a new apartment somewhere in either Seattle or Southern California. Which means I have to complete my new major by the end of Spring Quarter 2015. I’ll be finishing college in 3 years instead of 4, which means I’ll be thrust out into the real world one year sooner than I had anticipated. Which means I need to get my butt into high gear. I’ve chosen two very different and odd careers: screenwriting and personal training. So far I’ve made no money off of my personal training but I’ve only had my cert for a few months and to be honest, I haven’t tried all that hard to get the business part of it running. Training people I can do. Figuring out marketing and taxes I cannot. They don’t teach you the important stuff in high school. But, while I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to get a job in a gym wherever we end up living, I am nervous as all get out about my screenwriting path. Frist of all, I’ve never completed an entire screenplay. I’ve started a few, and I’ve started the pilot episode for a TV show, but that’s about it. Oh, yeah, I’ve written and completed countless novels but those are different. Thankfully I have to take 4 classes in my screenwriting major (I know, you’d think there would be more you’d have to take) so hopefully I’ll have figured it out a little better this time next year. I have a feeling the marketing aspect of that is going to get to me, too.

You can imagine the new level of stress this has added to my life. I am so excited about the opportunity to finish college in 3 years when I didn’t even do Running Start in high school, but I am terrified about being out of college because it means I have to be a full-on grown up. I’m making progress. I set up my own doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. I’m already paying rent, utilities, cell phone, internet, and insurance. I am happy to think that in just over a year’s time the only things I’ll have to worry about are work and writing instead of work, writing, school, and homework. But at the same time I am terrified.

This change hasn’t happened yet, but it will, and I’m already freaking out. On the bright side, at least I won’t be living in my university’s town anymore. I’ll suffer through one more winter here but that is it. I want to spend Christmas 2015 either on a beach or in the rain with my family.

I lived in Helena, Montana for a while as a little girl and thought I loved it. I do, it’s a nice place to visit, but I don’t think I could live there. I’m a city/suburb girl. I’ll take New York, don’t give me that countryside. (Anyone get the Green Acres reference? No? Just me?) My uni’s town is about half the size of Helena which makes it worse. Literally the only things to do here are drink and now smoke either weed or hookah. The bowling alley closed down. The bars are doing fine though.

I’m excited. I really am. It means one less year of worrying about getting financial aid (the college still hasn’t given me my package for next year and I turned in my FAFSA back in February). It means one less year of dealing with the university’s bullshit (the state has a freeze on tuition for next year but my uni is raising it anyway to pay for a 5th science building we don’t need because we’re the teaching/music school and only have one building for each of those departments). It also means I don’t have to do much explaining to my mom as to why I won’t be walking at graduation (you can’t walk in the spring when you’re not graduating until summer and spring is the only time they have a ceremony). I didn’t really enjoy walking at my high school graduation. It was only fun because I got to sit with my two best friends and make fun of the speakers the whole time.

So this particular series should have many installments if I keep this blog going for another year or two. Lots of things are still left for me in my life. Lots of things and changes to happen. Oh boy…


7 thoughts on “Coping with Change: Real World Edition v1

  1. I’m excited for you and I think you’ll be well-prepared to handle life as an adult! I finished college in 3 1/2 years so I was also thrust out into the real world earlier than I expected and while I’m not totally happy where I’m at right now, I know that being young means I can change things for myself sooner rather than later. But having all the experience you have with paying bills, insurance, etc. puts you one step ahead of most college grads so that’s great that you have that.

    I didn’t know you were doing screenwriting! I graduated with a degree in journalism and an emphasis in TV/video stuff and being in a TV news job for almost a month has already taught me that I don’t want to do this forever, but I would love to be a writer for a TV show! Hopefully I can make that happen so I can move to California and live my dream life…

      • I would love that! Sometimes I seriously just want to move out to the West Coast and take a job doing anything just so I can get in to the TV/film industry.

      • Well if you move out there be sure to hit me up! I’ve only got one more year left in central Washington before we head to SoCal. And I’m totally serious about collaborating, or even if you want to know anything about screenwriting. You can email the one listed in my contact page.

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