Week 3 of Spring 2014

This week is going all right so far. I think I may have caught a weird stomach bug that made Monday and Tuesday not very fun, but I’m better now. I just can’t escape the sickness! I blame having to work at 6:45 in the morning. Never working breakfast again. Otherwise classes are good so far. I’m kind of just ready for all of them to just be over, but that’s okay. I only have 7 1/2 more weeks of instruction left, which means I only have 7 1/2 more weeks left to get ready for our first anniversary! What? I know, it’s crazy. We’ve almost been married an entire year.

I miss wedding planning. True, I didn’t do much. Our venue did like everything so I didn’t do anything. No centerpieces, no special cake design, nothing. I was like here’s my dress, here’s my groom, here’s the location. I’m good. But I did make all the bouquets and that took some doing. I would watch TLC Wedding shows while folding and gluing all of them. Those were the days. And I miss getting excited about our honeymoon! As you can see in my sidebar we are going to Disneyland in August, but that’s 2 months after June and just too far away.

So I’m just trying to survive this quarter and really looking forward to summer when I don’t have to do anything but work and sleep.

Now I’m just going to eat and then work out and try to survive Thursday and Friday. Thankfully I only have one class on Friday, so I’ll be done with the day by 11am. The Actor and I are going to see Transcendence that night. We’ve been trying to have date nights so we can stay sane this quarter and so far so good. Or last one we went out and had Chinese, and before that we saw Captain America. It’s kind of nice to “date” again.

And I’ve started my anxiety group. We just discussed what we want out of the group yesterday so we’ll see how it goes next week. Life is okay.


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