Why I’m Angry at Internet Video

Youtube is great. Love Youtube. I don’t have a problem with them.

I do have a problem with every TV website that is now making you log in with your participating cable provider to watch an episode you missed last night. They’ve even blocked their epsiodes from Hulu unless you sign in.

First, I’m a college student working 16 hours a week for minimum wage. I have rent, utilities, internet, cell phone, car insurance, renters insurance, and food to buy. All of those things are now necessities. (If you argue that I could live without my cell phone and internet you’re crazy because I need my phone for work and I need the internet because my university is moving a lot of classes online, and many classes have extra work you have to turn in online. So yes, all those listed above are necessities.) My apartment complex made a deal with this one cable company so that is the only company I can get, and they charge $69/month plus an extra $8/month for their stupid cable box. No, thank you. There is no way I could afford cable plus everything else on top of tuition, fees, and books. So we do not have cable. We tried an HD antenna but it picked up the Spanish channel and one other channel but it was extremely fuzzy. So what if I can’t afford cable? I still enjoy many TV shows, and online videos play the same 4 commercials over and over again so I’m sure they still make money off of internet videos being played.

And I understand making you log in to watch live TV, but just the episodes? Come on. That was how people watched TV they missed when they didn’t have TiVo for years. Why change it now?

Also, does making people need to buy cable to watch your TV really mean that more people are going to watch TV? If they don’t already have TV they probably won’t buy it just because they can’t watch the episodes online anymore. So you just lost more viewers because they won’t be watching your shows online anymore. I can’t watch a whole bunch of shows anymore and I’m not that upset about it. ABC, ABC Family, TBS, it’s a good thing I can’t watch your shows online anymore because I was wasting time every time I did watch them. Would I like to be able to watch them? Of course, but if I can’t that’s your lose, not mine.

Also, not all cable providers participate in showing your videos. So even if you have cable you may not be able to catch up on TV you missed online. I was able to watch TV through my husband’s Comcast email address until his parents switched to a cable provider that doesn’t participate.

I understand that cable is starting to die out, and I don’t think anyone has realized that’s because of how much it costs. Trying to make it a necessity the best option because it’s just alienating a bunch of people who can’t afford cable.

You (the TV companies and cable companies) need to realize that the people that matter are your customers. If enough of us decided to either cancel our cable subscriptions or just continue to not buy any you would go under. We control you, and if enough of us realized that and took action you would be in big trouble. So you’re lucky you have some loyal customers, but alienating everyone else isn’t helping you.

Also, because of you I’m going to miss this year’s Oscars.


One thought on “Why I’m Angry at Internet Video

  1. I hate how so many TV networks make you pay for watching shows online. When I was in school I was lucky that my apartment complex included cable fees in the rent but I didn’t have a way to record shows and I couldn’t watch most things I wanted to live, but I also couldn’t catch up on them because I didn’t have a log in. It’s seriously so annoying, and cable is becoming so outdated that free or cheaper internet video should be more available than it is.

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