Welcome Home

The Actor is finally home! I picked him up yesterday around four-thirty and we had the best night ever. Well, we went to bed at like 8:30. I woke up really early to get ready for him to come home, and he took a 7 hour bus ride, so we were both exhausted. We slept for at least 12 hours and it was great. Now he’s at work until dinner time but it’s okay. I’m just happy he’s back.

I made this banner and also made my special secret family cookies.


They’re shaped like pretzels and are the best things ever. Every time I make them people fall in love with them. Are they “clean”? Who the heck cares? They’re delicious.

And I actually tried to look nice. Yes, that is a brace on my wrist. I’m pretty sure I either twisted or tore the muscles more than you usually do when you exercise, because I have weak wrists and have been trying to specifically strengthen them. It’s been hurting for two weeks so I try to wear a brace when I work my arms. Yesterday I forgot and it was bi’s and tri’s day, so that was kind of a disaster. On the plus side, my arms are sore today.

The Actor brought me huckleberry jelly beans from Boise. I love huckleberries. I used to take annual trips to Kimberley, Canada with my grandparents and we would stop up in north Montana at this huckleberry restaurant where they sold all kinds of meals with huckleberries. It was my favorite part of the trip. Next to the bakery in the Platzl with the best donuts and pretzel buns.

I’m not ready for the week to start tomorrow. This weekend has been too short. I also just really, really, really don’t want to go my honors course. I just want to sit on my couch with my husband and relax all week.


2 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. I’m so glad The Actor’s back so hopefully you two can spend more time together! And that’s so nice that he brought you back a little present. I’ve never had a huckleberry but I like all other berries so I’m sure I’d like them too. My wrists are a weak spot for me and they always hurt a lot when I do certain yoga poses but I never knew of a way to strengthen them other than just using them more.

    • I started by taking my 5lb dumbbells that are gathering dust and you rest your forearms on your knees and move your wrists up and down while holding them. My left started hurting a lot after doing that. Hasn’t gotten much better, so I haven’t tried again in like two weeks. Hopefully it’ll heal soon.

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