Week Recap 2/15-2/22

Yeah, just took a whole week off of blogging. I tried writing a few posts a few times, and I don’t really have a good excuse for being gone because I’ve literally just watched How I Met Your Mother all week. I’ll have a more exciting post up tomorrow, but for now here is a random list of good stuff that happened this week.

  • Saw the Actor’s final show on Saturday with the in-laws.
  • The Actor left for KCACTF in Boise Sunday morning, leaving me to have the apartment all to myself for a week.
  • Started watching How I Met Your Mother non-stop
  • Endless Tumblr
  • Hercules
  • Tangled
  • One of my morning regulars at work actually came up with a copy of The Bro Code by Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother literally the day after I saw the episode about him sleeping with Robin and freaking out about the Bro Code. It made my morning.
  • Discovered that the caffeine in Awake tea by Tazo actually REALLY effects me. I was bouncing and singing through my work shift after a night of insomnia on Thursday.
  • I got a couch! It’s the most comfortable couch ever!


  • Except for Wednesday night I’ve been getting the best sleep ever!
  • Emotionally, this week has been a lot better than I expected.
  • I took a midterm on Wednesday and I think I might have actually passed. It’s for grammar, which you’d think shouldn’t be hard because English is my native language of course, but it’s actually pretty difficult. I blame the public education system for not teaching it to me sooner.
  • I get Frozen in a few weeks and I think I get to watch it digitally on Tuesday because I pre-ordered it.
  • I finished my last Pathways session which means I’ll get to get into actual therapy soon.
  • I inured my wrist somehow but I’ve been able to successfully complete my workouts with proper form and still be challenged a fair amount.
  • I auditioned for a musical my friend and my uni’s motion picture club is putting on yesterday.
  • The Actor is coming home today!

All in all, it’s been a really good week. It’s been odd staying in the apartment all by myself, and since the Actor was a the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival all week, he was busy and we didn’t talk much at all. I suppose this week was practice for when he goes to shot on location for a tv show or film or whatever is in his future.

I’m in a stupid class, and if you follow my Twitter then you know all about it. It’s an honors course and the teacher (she’s not listed as a professor) is walking us through how to write our final paper like we’re in the fourth grade. We had a brainstorm assignment that I failed because I don’t brainstorm and mine didn’t look exactly like the one in the text book she is using as an example. Then we had to find “two scholarly articles published in or after 2003 and give their citations in APA format and write about a paragraph about each and how they will help your argument.” Um, ok. We’re in college and we’re in the honors program. If we didn’t know how to write a paper we most certainly wouldn’t be here. And if we didn’t and were somehow still in college, there is a writing center where we can get help writing papers. We haven’t actually talked at all in any academic, intellectual way about the class’s subject, so this is just irritating me even more. Her job is to teach the subject, not how to write a paper. And as a college student I am very offended that she just assumes I don’t know how to write a paper and has decided to hold my hand through the process. I wrote her a note about it on the last assignment and I’m going to bring it up on Monday. Probably in class because she really doesn’t care what we talk about in class, and, as I’ve mentioned, rarely talk about the actual subject of the class.

I am so excited for the Actor to come home. Only 2-3 more hours now. Single life is ok, but once you’ve found the right person, you’re best friend, it’s just not fun anymore. My mom always tells me she prefers to be single because my dad was a dick and she’s never felt what it’s like to really be in love with someone who loves you back and it great. We all enjoy our alone time, sure, but when you’ve got that one person in your life, it just doesn’t seem to matter anymore, and you never have enough time with them.

Ok, enough of the sappy. I’ve gotta go finish setting up and cut my hair! 


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