Weekly Check-In 2/21/4

Welcome to the first of my weekly fitness check-ins!

We’re actually gonna start this off with an off week. I did get in all my workouts and I’ve challenged myself as much as possible with an injured wrist. I have had to maintain the weights I use instead of increasing because I have weak wrists that decided to act up this week. I haven’t been able to work on strengthening them either but they feel a lot better today so hopefully by next week they’ll be better.

This was also a very emotional week for me. I’ve been forced to really focus on myself this week, which isn’t bad except for when you have anxiety and depression. Exercise helps a lot, but I haven’t had my support network this week so I’ve had to learn to deal with it all on my own. I think that it’s been really helping actually because I have gotten to really examine why I feel the way I do and try to work past it.

As a result I’ve had to let my eating slide. This was an emotional-health week. I still ate more than the minimum amount of protein I should consume, but not exactly where my macros are set, and I kept my fat down. Next week I’ll get back to it. I just needed this emotional break week.

Your mental health is just as  important as your physical health, and sometimes one takes precedent over the other.


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