Progress Update 1/22/14

So I totally dreamed that I posted yesterday. I also dreamed that I rescued a cat and kept it secretly in my “no pets allowed” apartment. I want to move purely so I can rescue a cat and have a furry companion.

I am now three weeks into Winter Quarter, and I am half excited to be done with it, and half contented to have seven weeks of class left. I love working at my job. It’s not really hard or what I want to do forever, but I always enjoy my coworkers, and since moving to the main dining hall I haven’t had a single problem with a manager or supervisor. I love the classes I’m taking for my major, and my honors class is annoying but easy credits.

Since I am in the third week I’m about to finish my first phase of my own personal program I’ve created for myself. Honestly, I could tell I was challenging myself with heavier weights, but I haven’t challenged myself enough in the cardio and nutrition realms to see the changes I really want. I know it’s only been three weeks, and I am really proud of the strength gains I’ve made (115 leg press! from 5lbs to 12.5lbs bicep curls) but it’s time to take it to the next level. Next phase will incorporate more cardio. I’m not a cardio bunny at all, I just haven’t done a lot in the past three weeks. Barely any except for a couple hours of Just Dance 2014 and HIIT routines while I’ve tried to get into a new routine with my new work and class schedule. Time to kick it up!

I had my freak out about my weight but I’m over it now. I know that it’s come from my training and not from fat gains. Perhaps I could work more on losing fat to balance it out a bit more, but whatever. I didn’t know my weight before. I would guess to figure out my calorie intake and everything, but now that I know I can create a more accurate plan for myself.

I cannot wait for Spring! I’m tired of the cold. I’m tired of the threat of ice and snow. I’m ready for the sun and the heat. I used to think I preferred the cold because you can always put on more clothes to keep warm, but I’ve learned that here you never have enough clothes to put on. I will take the heat. Besides, with heat you have more of an excuse to drink smoothies and eat ice cream.


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