Let’s Start 2014 with Ignorance

I only heard yesterday that Ke$ha was checking into an inpatient facility for 30 days to treat her eating disorder. There are countless articles about it, all saying the exact same things, so I won’t link to any here.


I hope that her inpatient treatment will serve as a good jumping off point for her recovery. I’ve always enjoyed her music, and wish her all the best and strength she needs to recover.

I also wish that the general public would crawl out of their holes filled with misconceptions they believe to be fact, and actually learn something. I read the comments on almost all of those articles. UpWorthy linked to a short video made by some middle schoolers addressing eating disorders on the same day, and I read the comments on that, too. I’ve been researching, and recovering, and helping others recover for the past 3, nearly 4, years, so it’s been a while since I was subjected to the stupidity of the general public when it comes to eating disorders. I can’t believe there are still people that think they only affect rich white girls, or that it’s all about control, or about attention, or that the way to fix it is to eat a cheeseburger. My favorite are the people that say there are starving kids in the world so people with eating disorders need to be thankful and eat. Other people would comment, “But she doesn’t look that bad.”

I want to tear my eyes out seeing that. I got the exact same comment. “You don’t look that skinny.” Oh, gee, thanks.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A WALKING SKELETON TO HAVE AN EATING DISORDER. We need to stop focusing on that. We need to give more publicity to non-skeletal people suffering from EDs so that maybe this idiotic misconception will die.

Having an eating disorder does not make you selfish. People need to realize that telling people with EDs that there are starving kids in Africa does not magically make a MENTAL DISORDER go away.

There is no cure for an eating disorder. There are no magic pills you can take to make everything better. Some people are able to recover to a fuller extent than others. I am still retraining my brain to process things in a non-disordered way. Certain things like my anxiety and depression will always help set off my eating disorder. But I am learning how to cope with things in a healthy way rather than by not eating or freaking out about how much I exercised or ate.

“There is no single cause for eating disorders. Although concerns about weight and body shape play a role in all eating disorders, the actual cause of these disorders appears to involve many factors, including those that are genetic and neurobiological, cultural and social, and behavioral and psychological.”
Source: Eating disorders | University of Maryland Medical Center http://umm.edu/health/medical/reports/articles/eating-disorders#ixzz2pSxgsvs3
University of Maryland Medical Center
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I just love when people go off about how the media causes eating disorders. How the heck do you explain the people that suffered from them one hundred, two hundred years ago? Back when having extra weight on the body was in we still had people with eating disorders. The media does not cause eating disorders.

Let me make this clear to all of you that do not have an eating disorder or have a close friend or relative with an eating disorder and you are a primary support in their recovery: You do not get to comment about a celebrity or anyone having an eating disorder until you have spent at least 24 hours researching them. You do not get to comment on their appearance, saying they didn’t look emaciated enough to have an eating disorder. You do not get to remind them there are starving children in Africa. You do not get to call them spoiled, rich, or attention-seeking, because if you do any of that not only are you being disrespectful, you are making yourself look like an unintelligent asshole.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Start 2014 with Ignorance

  1. You’re completely right. And if more eating disorders were caught early on (i.e. before the general public agrees that you are ‘too thin’ and ‘look like you have an eating disorder’) the chances of recovery could be much higher.

  2. Reading about celebrities having eating disorders always makes me uncomfortable, just because of all the ignorant comments people post on those kinds of articles. Even my own family, who has dealt with my eating disorder and recovery, still makes insensitive comments and I wish I could just educate everybody on how eating disorders aren’t black and white, they aren’t about attention/wanting to lose weight/etc. and that they’re an ACTUAL disease with real consequences.

    • I know. People just don’t get it and I get so irritated about it. I went off on a rant about it that actually scared my husband. I get very passionate about these things.

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