2013 January to June

January: Going back and reading my blog posts from January is kind of shocking. In one year I have completely changed my philosophy on exercise, health, and fitness. In the beginning I was completely brainwashed by what Cassey Ho puts out, but now I’ve got an actual education and have a healthier grasp on it. Reading this post and this post really shows. “Cheat meals”? A very limited grasp on weight lifting? Please.


I was also just plain miserable. I’d started my first ever job which wasn’t bad. I didn’t mind making pizzas, it was actually pretty fun and I enjoyed work when we had the visiting supervisor from the main dining hall instead of either of the people that actually managed the cafe I worked at. I think they’d forgotten that we were also people and I was just miserable every day I had to work when they were there. It really set off my eating disorder and depression. I was also thinking of dropping out of college because I hated living in the dorms and couldn’t stand the idea of racking up more student debt over the next 3 years.

But, the Actor and I also booked out honeymoon in January, so working had one benefit: getting money for Walt Disney World!

February: Well, the end of January marked 4 years with the Actor, so we celebrated that, and two weeks later we celebrated Valentine’s Day. The Actor was very romantic about it this year.

DSCN0077 DSCN0080

This post really delves more into why I don’t do “clean eating” anymore, even though back then I was actively trying to. I just felt so restricted by it. I’m glad I was smart enough to realize it was all just more fad diet bullshit.

DSCN0082I got really sick and had to miss work, and still freaked out about missing work outs, which I don’t do anymore. I’ve really made a lot of progress. Otherwise, I was still miserable. It was just a terrible quarter.

March: March marked the end of the terrible quarter. I got hired at my current place of work and quit my old job, which made me very happy.

It started to look really nice in my uni’s town, too. It was still cold, but at least it had stopped snowing and was warming up a little bit. We got our ceremony script as the wedding drew nearer. We also had the tasting for the wedding over spring break!

DSCN0108 DSCN0110 DSCN0116  

It was good to go home after a terrible quarter. I’ve pretty much blocked it out of my memory.

I celebrated the 3rd anniversary of my official diagnosis. Now the Days Seem to Fly

April: Now the flowers are blooming and I’m really enjoying my first spring quarter.

DSCN0128 DSCN0138

I got pissed off at the way people treat EDs. Again…

I started a new fitness program that really opened my eyes as to what it really means to be healthy and fit.

I’d started getting more seriously into the idea of getting a tattoo. I’d been mulling it over for a year and a half by then, and it still took me several more months before I finally got one.

May: By May I was starting to get more serious into finishing up the wedding planning, and was so ready to be done with school. I didn’t really hate the quarter, I just wanted to get married! The Actor’s play opened, and as usual I got all dressed up for it.

This year the musical is Les Mis, which I will be auditioning for, along with all the other shows, on the 6th! Eek!

I decided to double major, which was stupid and I’m glad I stopped that nonsense.

We had the wedding shower, too. I never really had a bachelorette party, just a nice lunch with everyone and then I got my nails done.


June: Finally! June! Wedding rehearsal, the wedding, the honeymoon, and then… working…

DSCN0244 DSCN0248 rehearsal



3 thoughts on “2013 January to June

  1. I love all your pictures from the wedding and all the Disney things you had for it!

    Looking back at old posts is so weird. It’s crazy how much we change in just a few months, especially in terms of health goals. This time last year, I still hadn’t started lifting yet because I was afraid of ‘bulking up’ and I was still eating too little and feeling guilty when I ate more than usual. I’m still a work in progress, but I’m really starting to agree with you on how clean eating is such a fad and it’s been great to relax some of the silly food rules I set for myself.

    • I kind of separated this year in two. Pre-marriage and post-marriage, and going and looking at all the pre ones I hardly even recognize myself! it’s amazing how much we change in short periods of time.

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