2013 in Review (part 1)

First of all:


muppets1 muppets2 muppets3 Yes, it’s Christmas Eve. Somehow 2013 has come to a close and we’ve got one week left to enjoy of the year. It’s kinda nice to end it with family and good food and gifts. I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas, and that you can wait that last week for the new season of Sherlock because I know I barely can!

I’m reviewing 2013 today in terms of the entertainment rather than the events. This year I started off doing nothing really but homework, and didn’t really read anything or start any shows or anything like that. I did see a lot of movies, I read a few (very long) books, and finished several TV shows.

gatsby I’ve read this book 3 times this year. I got to study it for my Eng 303 class, and the movie was just brilliant.

muI don’t think this could have been any better. The bit with the RAs in the beginning, so accurate. It was really cute, and I really enjoyed it.

wintertaleMy aunt had given this to us last year and over the summer I finally got a chance to read it at work. They’re making a movie out of it now, which after reading it, I can’t really see as possible because of how much there is to it, but I’ll of course give it a chance, and I don’t expect it to be close to the book very much. It’s really good, and if you have a month to spare, it’s a good read.

waltdisneyAfter Winter’s Tale I decided I wasn’t done reading ridiculously long books, and decided that this 600 page biography on Walt Disney would be fun. It was really interesting, because they covered everything and not just popular knowledge. For example, we don’t really know how Mickey Mouse was created, or where, or who gave him his name. Everyone thinks it was Walt Disney’s wife, but there are accounts from her saying both. It was really interesting.

deadlikemeI loved this show, and am still so sad that they cancelled it. And the movie they made was awful. But the show was brilliant and I miss it. I might buy the whole series for myself sometime because my aunt had loaned it to us and we just gave it back in November.

madmenI cannot wait for the new season! If you haven’t seen Mad Men yet you need to get on it. You’ve got plenty of time to catch up. I think the Actor and I watched all the seasons in a month. Probably less. It’s wonderful, well written, well acted, beautiful, just ugh. The way they do everything is just perfect.

sherlcokTHIS. Oh, my goodness, I cannot wait for season 3 to begin. I watched this in October, but most of the fandom have been waiting 2 years for season 3, which after the season 2 finale I would have just died waiting so long. It’s absolutely brilliant. It is the best version of Sherlock Holmes you’ll ever see, and it’s Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Like, come on. Go watch it! It’s on Netflix!

inkI made the mistake of buying this book for myself in August when I was dropping off my brother at the airport while my mom was still in the hospital. I decided I deserved a treat. The book is amazing. It was a mistake because it’s the first in a series and it was released this year, meaning I have to wait a long time before the next one comes out. I normally just wait until they’re all out and then read them all at once because I’m impatient. I still recommend this, though.

breakingbadOk, so we just finished this a week or two ago, and oh man. It was intense! It was good, but a bit too much for me. When there wasn’t blood everywhere I could watch it. When Walter White wasn’t being a psycho, I could watch it, but let’s just say I’ve made a lot of progress on the blanket I’m crocheting.

frzoenWHOO! Frozen! I am obsessed with this movie. If you haven’t seen it yet definitely go see it. The animation is beautiful, the songs are great, and the story is just wow. I did not see that coming!

catchingfireThis got me really riled up about the world. I was like, “yeah! Gonna be politically active and stuff!” They did such a good job with it. I loved it. Do not bring your toddlers and small children to it like some idiot did who sat next to us. One of their little girls ended up climbing into her mom’s lap because she was so scared. Come on people. Jeez.

brianreganIf you are unfamiliar with Brian Regan go get familiar. We saw him in Yakima last month and were just dying. He’s hilarious.

savingmrbanksAgain, great movie, loved it, it was beautiful, they did a wonderful job. I especially loved that they recreated Walt’s office.

So I saw a lot of stuff this year. I know I left some out, but these are just my choice favorites. Now go have a happy Christmas! Eat whatever the heck you want and don’t worry about anything. Unless you’re in a bikini competition in March or something. Enjoy your family and the food, make it special, because you never know when you’re going to have to celebrate those things without someone. You don’t want to remember the last time you saw them for Christmas as the time when you freaked the fuck out over your diet.

Happy Christmas!    


2 thoughts on “2013 in Review (part 1)

  1. So many good movies and shows! I still want to see The Great Gatsby because I loved the book. And Monsters University was really adorable. The TV show that I’ve really gotten into this year is The Newsroom, it’s just so accurate to how fast-paced TV news is and the end of each episode always gets me excited for the next one. I wish I had HBO because then I wouldn’t have to see each episode on Netflix, but I love that there’s so many shows on Netflix now so I don’t have to make time to watch them during the week.

    • It’s really the best movie adaption of The Great Gatsby. I’ve seen all but the 1920s version, and it’s definitely the best. I haven’t seen The Newsroom. We were starting Scandal, which is also really good, but then Christmas came and after Breaking Bad I needed a TV show break. I’m just waiting in intense anticipation for the new season of Sherlock.

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