It’s after midnight. I should probably go to bed. Not that I have anything to do tomorrow. It’s break. I’m done with my finals. ALL of them. Including the one that I cared about the most and doesn’t actually count toward my college degree.

I spent three hours tonight working on the final section and a half (out of like 6, this whole thing took me about three days to do) of my personal training certification final exam. I finished it. Looked over it. Freaked out for a second and made the Actor convince me that it was totally okay to submit it.

And then I worked out, took a shower, feeling pretty proud of myself for finishing the exam, and then I ate a peanut butter poptart as a reward for finishing the exam while watching Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas. And then I turned on my computer, meaning to just check things real quick before going to bed and then I saw it. The email from ISSA. I opened it, and it took a second because it wasn’t screaming at me that I passed, but then I saw the “Congratulations on passing the exam” and I started, I shit you not, hyperventilating (ok, maybe not that far), and I started pawing at the Actor who was sitting next to me and made him look at the email himself because I couldn’t talk. I did it! I passed the exam! It took them like two hours to grade it and get back to me! And I’d already had my victory treat.


So I’m officially certified now. I need to find a personal training job. I love where I work now. It’s minimum wage and I press buttons on a touch screen and swipe cards, but the people are great, but this is what I really want to do with my life, so I’m gonna do it. After Christmas. It’s break. But I’m so excited!

nobodytohug And for no reason this how I feel about it. It’s after midnight, all my family is asleep, and the Actor was playing a video game when I told him. Not that I expected a fanfare and confetti or something.

Okay, maybe a little bit.

But just in time for New Year’s Resolutions I’ve got my certification! Yay!!!! I am now a certified personal trainer. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Certified

  1. Big congrats! That’s so exciting that you know what you want to do with your life and now you have the certification to do it!

    And Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas is the best. I am definitely watching it the second I get home for break on Monday.

    • I know. I got nervous because I don’t really want to get a college degree in exercise science, and I also don’t have time to do it anymore and still graduate on time, but I figure I’ll just work harder to be a better trainer so people will hire me even if they require a college degree. I have to get extra certifications every 2 years, too, so in two years I’ll probably be ISSA certified in nutrition or something. I haven’t quite decided what I’m gonna go for next, but in order to keep my personal training cert I have to get a certain number of continuing education credits which can all be fulfilled in one extra cert. Sorry, lots of words.

      I tried to find Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas, but it wasn’t on Netflix streaming and I don’t really feel like paying more to watch it from YouTube.

      • That sounds like a good plan! Yeah, the college degree thing makes me mad too, for the jobs I’m looking at a lot of them want a degree in meteorology which is bogus because doing the weather for TV you don’t need to know a lot of math and science but if we have to work harder to get what we want without the degree, so be it. I think it’s better to show the initiative rather than just have the degree, you know?

      • I think that more people will view initiative to work harder more positively than a degree. It might not always mean we get picked over someone who has a degree (my mom knew this guy who’d been in some specific skill based field for over 30 years, but didn’t have a college degree, and they hired this kid who had a degree but no experience over him) but it’ll work out better for us in the long run.

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