Dreaming of the Future

Day 2: Your Dream Profession

I’d say that right now my life is pretty awesome. I may not be working my dream job, but I do enjoy my coworkers, and my job is pretty mindless so it’s easy. I may not enjoy all my classes, but at least I’m going for free now (grants), and I will eventually take classes I enjoy and need. I have a wonderful husband and we love our life together. Coming back home from break really made us realize how we’ve built our own lifestyle together and just how much better it fits us than the way our parents live.

So my life is good, but I still want to grow. My ultimate dream profession sounds kinda silly, and people always give me weird looks when I tell them about it. My ultimate dream is to work in the story department of PIXAR and be a personal trainer at the same time. I have this image of me leading everyone through a quick yoga flow or one superset to help us work through a block. I imagine getting up early to go train a few people, going to PIXAR to work on whatever movie I’m working on, working out on my way home, maybe training a few more people, and then going to sleep to do it all over again. Maybe we end up working on a story all night. Whatever. Yoga through it. Run around the giant campus. Be in super shape to go see the premiere once it’s all done. It’s weird, but that’s my dream profession. I’ll definitely settle for screenwriter and personal trainer. But working at PIXAR is my dream.

What’s your dream profession?


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