Getting Toned and Getting Inked

Any day now my CPR certification should come in and then I can get my personal trainer certification. I’ve upped the intensity of my workouts, been lifting heavier, doing a lot more HIIT cardio, and trying to eat cleaner. The Actor is done with his show now, so I have to try harder to get him onboard with it. I’m seeing these wonderful changes in my body that I’ve never seen before, like the outline of a 6-pack! Let’s see if I can make them come out by summer.

So it’s not really anything new that I’ve been working out. I’ve been doing that for years, I’m just getting better at it. The big news is probably this new change on my body:


I got my first tattoo on Friday and I love it! It turned out way better than I expected because the guy that did it is an artist and made it look awesome. The original design was like this:


Just two simple stars, and he turned them into these awesome glowing stars that also kind of look like fireworks. Seriously, I love it. I got it done at Third Eye Tattoo and Piercing in Ellensburg, WA. It did not hurt as much as I thought it would. I psyched myself out to think it would be terrible but it was fine. I did sit super tense, but forced myself to relax which I eventually did. It stung worse than the actual tattooing after though, but only for two, maybe three hours and then I was fine. They put this amazing stuff over it called Tatuderm which speeds up the healing process and prevents and ink loss. I was supposed to wear a new one for five days but I messed it up, so I’m on general care and so far, so good. I’ve just had to skip the gym and probably will for the rest of the week. I did some Pilates instead, and man am I babying my wrist. I want it to heal nice, you know? I’m not even worried about it setting back my progress because I’m still going to keep up with the HIIT and just do Pilates this week instead of heavy lifting which should shock my body in a good way because I’m doing something different and working my muscles in a different way.

It’s not even healed completely and I’m already thinking about my next tattoo! I’m crazy, but it’s addicting. And honestly, I’ve thought about getting a tattoo for two years. This piece really means something to me. It’s not just pretty. So, no, I’m not going to regret getting it. I don’t regret not inviting my father to my wedding which is probably on the same significance scale as getting a tattoo. I like it.


3 thoughts on “Getting Toned and Getting Inked

    • The most sensitive spots are ones closest to bones like the top of the feet and hips. The wrist really barely hurt and I have (or I thought I did) a fairly low tolerance for pain.

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