The Scary Weight Room

“I should lift more. I’m just scared to go in the weight room. All those big guys are in there!”

DSCN0084 even my fat cat lifts

Do not be intimidated by those guys. I was nervous the first time I went in there for sure. I didn’t know what to expect. I don’t know what I thought might happen, but honestly nothing did. I went in there wearing my shorts and T-shirt with my lifting gloves on and I just went where I needed go, lifted what I could lift, wiped off some sweat and then left.

That’s what I do every day. The guys don’t even look at me except for when I first walk in because I think you just look at people when the first enter a room whether they’re male or female. The guys are too busy trying to see if their muscles grew in the last five seconds. Seriously, one guy today was motioning his arms up and down like he was doing bicep curls, but unless he had invisible weights, he wasn’t actually holding anything. I was confused.

I may not be an Olympic lifter, but I can still go in the weight room and lift. My left shoulder has a weird tendency to pop out of place (I don’t think literally, but I will lose function in it for a second) whenever I try to lift something heavier than I can for the moment, so it takes a lot longer for me to progress to heavier weights in things like cleans, push press, and snatch. I’m not super strong yet, and that’s okay. No guy is gonna be like, “oh man, I needed the 5lb dumbbells but that girl is using them,” or, “look at that girl using the 5lb dumbbells.” They honestly do not care. A guy has only ever talked to me to ask if I was done using a bench.

The big guys don’t care. Just go in there and do your workout and know that you are awesome. Not a lot of women go into my uni’s weight room, so I kind of feel special being in there. There are some who are new to it and use the 5lbs and only know things like bicep curls, and there are some who do the big barbells with 100lb plates and all the crazy stuff, throwing the bar onto the floor when a set is finished. Everyone is at the gym to work out and improve themselves. No one goes to the gym to judge, and even is someone does, fuck them. They don’t matter.

Go lift. Go run. Go do whatever the heck you want, and don’t be scared about it!


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