What We Give Up because Money

The Actor’s play opened on Thursday, and I’ve seen it twice already. I’m working on a review for a class, but I don’t think I’ll post it here since most of my readers are no where near my uni to see the play.


At the risk of sounding biased, which I’m not because I make it a point to not be when I talk about people I know, the Actor was one of the best ones up there. True, he got shot twice and died before Act 2, but he was really good in Act 1. My in-laws came to see it Saturday and just raved about it.

I wanted to be an actor. So bad! I was in plays in middle school, all three years, and then in high school they start telling you to pick a career. My parents told me I needed to pick something more stable. I don’t know why writing was the answer. I guess because you can write business related things, too, and not just creative, even though I have no intention of writing grants like my mom pushed for me to do my last two years of high school. My high school’s drama program was seriously lacking funding and a teacher who knew how to run a drama club. I met the Actor who really opened up the world of acting to me and all the work that it takes and in my mind I had the little payoff of all that work, and I just stopped. I still wanted to act, but I was raised on the Western model of success: money at any cost, even happiness.

It’s too late for me to actually pursue an acting career or education in college. The BA program I gave up only had 1 acting class which I’m taking right now. The BFA programs I don’t have the time or money for. Or probably talent for that matter because you have to audition to get in. So I’m going to stick with my writing and personal training. I’m auditioning (hopefully, if work doesn’t conflict) in the winter for the winter and spring shows on campus, but I doubt I’ll do anything in the real world.

It did make me think, though. How much do we give up because of the Western model of success? How many dreams do we give up because we think we won’t make enough money? I already know we’ll probably always be close to or below the poverty line like we are now, but we’ll be happy with our livelihood which, to me, is more important than making a lot of money and hating your job.


5 thoughts on “What We Give Up because Money

  1. First of all, I love the blog design obviously! I completely agree that Western society really pushes people to go into careers where they’ll make a lot of money, but not necessarily be happy, and I think loving what you do is a lot more important than being rich. There’s a saying that if you love your job, you never work a day in your life and I believe that to be true. I’m kind of in a similar boat in that I’m pursuing a career where I may never make a ton of money, and I’ll definitely start out making a lot less than I’m comfortable with and the job will be stressful, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, so hopefully it all works out.

    • Thanks! I hope you don’t mind my taking the same theme. I just loved it when I saw it on your blog. I think it is definitely more important to be happy with your way of making money than not, because otherwise life isn’t worth it.

  2. I used to be an actress and now I’m a writer and real estate investor. The great thing about being a writer is that you can always write yourself a part in your next script. And it’s not like there’s an age limit to acting. You could start doing it at age 80 just ’cause. I’ve found that there has to be a balance between creativity and being able to feed yourself. 😉

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