To Old Friends

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now.

I made a lot of friends throughout my grade school career. Okay, I made like ten that I considered really close friends. Of those ten I keep in touch (when school isn’t stupid cray cray) with about three. I lost touch with three when we entered high school and the way our stupid school was set up just kind of ended up making that inevitable. The rest I didn’t lose touch with until we went to college. Little things in life lately have been reminding me of all of them. The two boys I was close with in middle school. One is at a big university, and the other I’m not too sure about. My best friend from third grade is off at a college at the basic opposite end of the state. One of them we just realized we were too different to really get along. We were friends before we had opinions about life. Even the three I still talk to are off having their own lives. Not that I’m not doing the exact same thing.

But as I think back about all the times I shared with them, I am very grateful to have known them. They all brought so much light into my life. We complained together. We laughed together, and made each other laugh. We survived grade school together. I am very happy to have known them. Even though it seems that our friendship is over not because we had a huge falling out (with the exception of one) but because of the general process of life, I am grateful for the time I got to spend with them. I do not think I could have had so much fun in the terrible times that middle school was, and the painfully long senior year of high school; counting down the seconds until it was all over. I love how they all helped shape who I have become, and I hope that I have contributed some good memories to them.

I may not be really close with anyone in college right now, but I hope to change that before Winter Quarter 2016 when I will graduate. I never thought about how brief a time in your life is spent in school. Those twelve years of grade school seemed to take forever, but they are long over now and I’m speeding toward my final days of college.

So to old friends and to new, thank you for letting me have a place in your life however small. I am really glad to know you and to have known you.


One thought on “To Old Friends

  1. I feel the same way about the friends I made in elementary school. I was so close with them until high school, and then we kinda drifted apart. It’s funny because my best friend since third grade is also at a college at the opposite side of the state from me and it’s weird thinking about how differently all of our lives have gone since high school and college. Plus it’s just crazy how fast college goes by–I never thought that would happen, but it’s almost over.

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