Giving Up a Major for Practicality and Sanity

I had decided to double major in English Writing and Theater Production in the spring of this year. I signed up to take all but one of the pre-major courses, and found out this quarter that the final course I need will not be offered until the spring. I was a little upset. I wanted to get into the major now so I wouldn’t fall behind and could graduate on time. But then I did some serious thinking. I looked over the major requirements and decided it just really wasn’t for me. I want to act. I love to perform, but I haven’t since middle school because I had that dream beaten out of me by the world. I thought, hey, college, maybe now I can give it another try!

Wrong. I have to work, which means I have no time for rehearsals for a show. I do not particularly care about learning about lighting technology, stage technology, costume, stage makeup, doing minimum wage work for the price of 1-3 credits (the Actor also has to do this, but is going to petition it because we have more important things to do than give away our time), and all that nonsense. If I could, I would probably go for the BFA in performance like the Actor or musical theater, but I still want to major in English Writing. Also, the Actor is in the BFA program and has this year and next year left and has already taken every acting and performance class the university has to offer. I think that’s a little strange. I would audition for the plays if I had the time, but I don’t because I’m an adult now and have responsibilities. I do not want to waste my time in classes I do not care about, and this way I can take extra classes in other areas I find interesting, like nutrition and exercise sciences, and maybe even a few more history courses. I’m not going to minor in anything.

I already fight enough with my honors college and the English department. I don’t need to add a third into that. If I could freely take the performance classes I would, but they don’t let you unless you’re a major, so I’ll deal with it. The thing is that college isn’t the be-all, end-all of education. I can go to acting schools when I graduate if I want, which is probably the better option for me. They tell you that you NEED to go to college, but the fact of the matter is that you really don’t. It depends on what you want to do with your life. Don’t go into debt because you thought you had to when you didn’t.

So, I’m not a double major anymore. In fact, I never was, the intention to become one just doesn’t exist anymore. I will stick with English Writing and my personal trainer certification thank you very much, and I will be just fine without scene technology. This way I can relax knowing I’ll graduate on time, maybe even earlier than I think, and know I’m not wasting my time in more classes that won’t be useful to me in the future. I already have my gen ed’s for that.


2 thoughts on “Giving Up a Major for Practicality and Sanity

  1. That’s good that you’re just focusing on things that matter more to you, instead of having to work around the department’s rules. My school has stupid requirements for certain classes too which I hate because college is supposed to be about finding yourself, but if you can’t get into a class because you aren’t a major, then how are you supposed to figure out if you like a certain subject or not? That’s one thing that frustrates me about college, that it’s so hard to just try out classes to see if you like them.

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