Always Room for Improvement

I’ve been counting my macros lately. I do fairly well keeping them in a good ratio, except for protein lately because I’m out of tofu and the convenience store near my apartment doesn’t sell any, and I woke up sick this morning so I am not going to be doing another grocery walk. I plan on sitting in my apartment wrapped in blankets and doing nothing. I also am craving sugar like crazy right now, which I only seem to get really intense sugar cravings when I’m sick. But I’m getting off the subject. I noticed, as I’ve known but always forget, that I still am not eating the proper amount of calories. I just naturally eat about 800 a day. So I’ve spent the last few days intentionally eating more. I don’t feel any different at all really. I just get to eat more food. I kinda feel bad about it when I do it, but I know it’s necessary. I’m really hoping that once my body adjusts to having the correct amount of fuel being given to it that it will start changing the way my training is intending it to. I do still have to increase my protein, but I can’t really do that until I get better and/or we have the car back. It was supposed to be done this week but I guess they lied to us.

I am almost done with my personal training course and then I’ll study for the final exam. I want to get it done asap but my CPR/First Aid card hasn’t come in yet and once it does I have to send a copy of it to the people so that I can get my certification once I pass the test. But I guess it’s good that I have some extra time that I have to use to study. I’ve never really studied for anything before. I must really want to do this!

This week was a warm week for October, but now it’s going to get back to being cold. Good. The high was really warm but the low was 30 so I’d freeze in the morning and sweat in the afternoon. Just pick a temperature!

I may be “recovered” by medical standards. My weight is high and my heart rate makes sense (still low-ish but that’s because it’s healthy) and most of the time I don’t think the terrible thoughts I used to think, but I can still improve. I can lift more. I can run more. I can row faster (I’ve picked up rowing lately). I can eat more. That last one is still kind of a struggle because it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me even though I know it’s true. I can eat more? It almost sounds like a present!

Also, sorry for the lack of posts. Life right now really isn’t that exciting and I’m not going to pretend that it is.


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